This $40 bundle of the Echo Pop and Ring Video Doorbell kicks off early Prime Day deals.

The Echo Pop and the Ring Video Doorbell are formidable devices on their own. If set up with Alexa, the Ring Video Doorbell gives your doors a new level of protection and can easily sync with the Echo Pop to send audible alerts. Even though each of these clever little smart devices costs just $40 when purchased separately, they are a must-have for any smart home.

The newest smart speaker from Amazon, the Echo Pop, is a low-cost way to start using Alexa in your smart home. This entry-level Echo device costs $40 and has a new design with a front-facing speaker. This makes it ideal for smaller rooms that need a strong audio boost for music. However, wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could acquire one of these and simultaneously receive a free Ring Video Doorbell? The good news is that Amazon has just announced an early Prime Day deal that combines the Echo Pop with a Ring Video Doorbell, one of the best doorbell cameras available, for just $40 — the same price as an Echo Pop on its own!

Why you should buy this Echo Pop and Ring Video Doorbell Deal: The price alone is worth looking into. This deal cuts the price of both devices from $105 (regularly $105) to $40 (regularly $40). The Ring Video Doorbell is included for free because it costs the same as a single Echo Pop smart speaker. Naturally, both devices are compatible with Alexa, which means that they will work together to form the ideal team for your home. Do you want to improve the security of your front door? The Ring Video Doorbell easily connects to the Echo Dot to provide audio updates of whose knocking and provides live feeds of who and what is approaching your home.

The basic wired version of the Ring Video Doorbell, like the Ring Video Doorbell 4, has a few security features for people who want to keep what’s theirs safe. You will always have a clear picture of who is at the door thanks to the Full-HD 1080p recording capability and the real-time notifications that are sent to either your phone or an Alexa device that is compatible. Movement discovery helps this significantly further, giving you an alarm before they in any event, ring the doorbell. Right now, you can get a single Ring Video Doorbell for $35, but for $5 more, you should get this bundle and an Echo Pop to pair with it.

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