According to the developer, sales of Iron Lung, a submarine game with a horror theme, increased during Titan search.

According to the developer, sales of Iron Lung, a submarine game with a horror theme, increased during Titan search.

One horror-themed submarine video game has seen an increase in sales, as interest in the missing Titan submersible increased this week, according to its creator.

David Szymanski, the developer of the Iron Lung video game, shared a screenshot of a text file on Twitter that showed that sales of the game had increased from Monday to Tuesday, with an apparent sharp increase in sales on Tuesday.

The caption to the post read, “This feels so wrong.”

It wasn’t immediately clear where Szymanski got his information, and there was no comparison to previous days.

He tweeted 25 minutes later, “I definitely see the dark humor in this whole Titanic sub thing, it’s just… like, I made Iron Lung the most nightmarish thing I could think of, and knowing real people are in that situation right now is pretty horrific, even if it was their own bad decisions…”

Szymanski tweeted a meme on Thursday showing a man dabbing his eyes with dollar bills, claiming that the image flooded his replies amid media coverage of Szymanski being “uncomfortable” with the rise in sales.

Rear Adm. John Mauger, commander of the First Coast Guard District, stated that the Coast Guard confirmed on Thursday that debris found near the Titanic wreck site belonged to the missing submersible Titan, indicating that the five passengers on board died from “catastrophic implosion.”

He stated that the victims’ families have been informed that the wreckage was discovered approximately 1,600 feet from the Titanic.

What to Know About Iron Lung? STEAM, a digital distribution service for video games, claims that the short horror game, which was first released in March 2022, lets players “pilot a tiny submarine through an ocean of blood on an alien moon.”

“You have been given the unfortunate opportunity to investigate a baffling anomaly in an aging submarine made from rusted parts from a space station that was found on a moon that was otherwise devoid of life. This submarine is called a Blood Ocean. In a deep undersea trench, initial scans reveal a collection of potentially useful anomalous locations that call for additional investigation.

According to the STEAM website, the immersive experience that takes place in a “one-man submarine” requires players to take photographs of key locations as they navigate an ocean of blood using a primitive external camera, proximity sensors, sound, and an incomplete map. They must do this before the submarine collapses or is discovered by creatures lurking in the depths.

The game, which is designed to be played in under an hour, requires creativity and patience to succeed. On the internet, the game can be purchased for as little as $7.

Out of the 5,968 reviews that have been written about Iron Lung, more than a dozen people who have only recently played the game have made ignorant comparisons to the OceanGate submersible.

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