A Part of the AI Powered by Google Is Available for Free

Upon revealing the uncooked computer code required to construct a chatbot to the public last year, competing businesses claimed Meta was introducing unclear and potentially hazardous technology. Google is now taking a similar action, suggesting that those who are against sharing A.I. technology are falling Continue Reading

AI Assistant from Adobe that can Search and Summarize PDFs is Launched

In its Reader and Acrobat apps, Adobe introduced an AI assistant on Tuesday that can create summaries and respond to inquiries on PDFs and other documents. According to a press release, the AI assistant, which is presently in beta, is now accessible on Acrobat, “with Continue Reading

Google’s Most Recent AI Text and Video Processing Tool, Gemini 1.5 Pro, Receives an Upgrade

Google, a division of Alphabet Inc., is releasing an enhanced AI model. Dubbed Gemini 1.5 Pro, this sophisticated model represents a major advancement in the field of generative AI as it is built to handle higher amounts of text and video than its rivals. Gemini Continue Reading

Zoom releases its Vision Pro software, which includes 3D files, digital avatars, and other features

Zoom unveiled its future visionOS app today, ahead of the Friday launch of Apple’s Vision Pro. The app is scheduled for release on February 2. The new software includes features like 3D item sharing, a chat tool called “Team Chat,” “persona” support that allows users Continue Reading

Samsung is faring better than Apple in the fight for AI smartphones

It’s evident that Samsung believes artificial intelligence (AI) is essential to premium device growth. When the Unpacked presentation began yesterday, Samsung launched right into the Galaxy AI features—there could not have been a clearer sign. It was about thirty minutes into the event before it Continue Reading

The Realme 12 Pro features an opulent watch design with a premium telephoto camera

While almost all smartphone manufacturers make an effort to promote their design-focused workflows and goods, very few of them truly live up to the standards they establish. Of those few, realme has had a track record of teaming up with prominent names in the business Continue Reading

The potent gaming smartphone from Nubia is now accessible in the US

The potent Red Magic 9 Pro gaming smartphone from Nubia, which made its debut in China last year, is now accessible in the US. Actually, anyone can purchase the flagship through the company’s international webstore from any location in the world. However, shoppers can purchase Continue Reading

Microsoft offers an evaluation tool for Azure Migration designed for.NET apps

AppCAT, an Azure Migrate tool from Microsoft, was released with the goal of helping customers move their on-premises.NET apps to the Azure cloud. Since its launch on January 3, the Azure Migrate application and code assessment tool for.NET, or AppCAT for short, has allowed users Continue Reading

Github, owned by Microsoft, announces the launch of Gopilot Chat, an AI-powered chatbot.

Github, the AI-powered platform owned by Microsoft, has opened up its chatbot Copilot Chat to all regular users. The announcement was posted by the platform on its blog. The cost of the chatbot for individual users is $10 per month. According to Github, businesses and Continue Reading

There is a catch with AI’s ability to write bedtime stories for children

Even though AI can’t replace you at work just yet, as a parent it can assist you in telling your children engaging bedtime stories. A feature of ChatGPT’s Plus and Enterprise subscriptions called GPTs enables users to design personalized AI chatbots with specific goals in Continue Reading