Tesla update initiates the in-car camera for driver monitoring

Several years after Elon Musk said Tesla dismissed eye tracking as a technique for estimating driver attentiveness since it’s “ineffective,” proprietors of new Teslas are accepting vehicles with the feature active. As per notes in the 2021.4.15.11 update, the lodge camera mounted over the rear view mirror will “detect and alert driver inattentiveness while Autopilot is engaged.”
This aligns Tesla with different makers who incorporate cabin cameras to monitor attentiveness while helps are locked in, rather than just depending on directing wheel torque. A few drivers decide to attempt to deceive Tesla’s current systems, causing the reports of cars on the road with nobody in the driver’s seat. It’s not substituting steering wheel torque for monitoring yet, however we’ll check whether that changes.
Tesla programmer Greentheonly has observed Tesla’s advancement in fostering the software that watches drivers, and showed what early versions of the system can perceive in some demonstration videos. A few other videos presented via social media in recent weeks show that drivers are beginning to get deliveries of the modified Model S and Model X with a “yoke” steering wheel changes, so there might be more changes to discover very soon.

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