Four Volunteers are Needed by NASA to Live and Work Inside a Mars Simulator for a Year

Ever pondered what it might be like to inhabit Mars? NASA has created a simulation that allows you to experience life on the Red Planet. To assist them become ready for human exploration of the planet, the space agency is searching for volunteers to spend Continue Reading

First Detection of Water On an Asteroid by a Retired NASA Mission

Two asteroids’ surfaces have been found to have water by scientists thanks to a NASA mission that was discontinued in 2022. According to a news release and scientific publication, researchers from the Southwest Research Institute were able to find the water molecules using data from Continue Reading

NASA’s New Satellite to Investigate Atmosphere and Oceans has Launched

A new satellite from NASA, an American space agency, has been launched with the goal of intensively studying the world’s atmosphere and seas. On February 8, NASA launched the PACE satellite. PACE was launched into orbit from Florida’s Kennedy Space Center by a SpaceX Falcon Continue Reading

Science equipment is sent by NASA’s Europa Clipper to investigate Jupiter’s ocean moon

NASA plans to fly a spacecraft to Europa, an icy marble that is one of Jupiter’s 92 known moons, in October. The primary goal of the probe? to assist researchers in determining whether Europa can sustain life as we know it. The government sent a Continue Reading

The latest flight log for NASA’s little helicopter on Mars is available

The space agency declared on Thursday that rotor blade damage has rendered the 4-pound (1.8-kg) Ingenuity helicopter unfit for flight. Officially, its $85 million mission is ended, but it’s still upright and in communication with flight controllers, according to officials. Originally designed as a temporary Continue Reading

A quiet supersonic aircraft is unveiled by NASA in an attempt to boost commercial travel

In keeping with its goal of enabling commercial supersonic travel, NASA has unveiled a unique quiet supersonic aircraft. The X-59 is an experimental aircraft that NASA unveiled on Friday at a joint event with Lockheed Martin Skunk Works in Palmdale, California. Its predicted top speed Continue Reading

NASA postpones the moon landing of astronauts until at least 2026

NASA has revealed that the Artemis program, which intends to send humans back to the moon this decade in the midst of a resurgent global drive for lunar exploration, is experiencing some significant delays. At a press conference on Tuesday, NASA officials announced that the Continue Reading

The true appearance of Neptune and Uranus is revealed by new photos

Although Uranus is recognized for being green and Neptune for being a rich blue, a recent study has shown that the two ice giants’ colors are actually much closer than previously believed. Thanks to research undertaken by Professor Patrick Irwin of the University of Oxford, Continue Reading