Juno’s Most Recent Flyby Shows Jupiter’s Amazingly Chaos-Riffed Clouds

On May 12, 2024, on its 61st close flyby, Juno took a breathtaking color-enhanced picture of Jupiter’s northern hemisphere that revealed the planet’s erratic and dynamic cloud patterns. For scientists researching planetary atmospheres, this image provides a thorough glimpse of the complex atmospheric conditions that Continue Reading

Studies show that the circulation of the ocean is slowing down

Long-held beliefs on the ocean’s role in reducing climate change are called into question by a recent study by MIT professor Jonathan Lauderdale. Contrary to popular assumption, the research, which was published in Nature Communications, indicates that a decreasing ocean circulation may cause an increase Continue Reading

A New Phase in Neutron Stars that Promotes ‘Nuclear Pasta’ is Predicted by Scientists

Astrophysicists are unable to observe inside neutron stars, which are extreme and enigmatic objects. They have the potential to have more than twice the mass of the sun inside a radius of about 12 kilometers. Together with black holes, they are the densest objects in Continue Reading

Parker Solar Probe Nears Sun in Record-Breaking Approach

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe (PSP) reached a record-breaking 20th close approach to the sun on June 30, matching its own distance record by traveling around 7.26 million kilometers from the solar surface. Meanwhile, the Gulf countries and many other regions of the world are experiencing Continue Reading

Parker Solar Probe of NASA Makes 20th Close Approach to the Sun

This incredible accomplishment highlights the probe’s sturdy construction and the careful preparation that went into its mission to discover the sun’s outer atmosphere. 2018 saw the launch of the Parker Solar Probe, which is still pushing the envelope in solar exploration and supplying priceless data Continue Reading

First Polaris Dawn Mission from SpaceX is Scheduled to Launch After July 30

Polaris Dawn, the first commercial spacewalk mission, has stated that it will launch no sooner than July 31, 2024, therefore it appears to be back on track. The four-person crew of the Dragon spacecraft is expected to go farther from Earth than any mission in Continue Reading

NASAHoping to Repair Starliner Spacecraft, Delaying Astronaut Return

At the International Space Station (ISS), two American astronauts are experiencing delays as engineers work to resolve issues with Boeing’s Starliner aircraft. NASA, the American space agency, and Boeing are working together on the Starliner project. On June 6, the capsule reached the ISS. It Continue Reading

Chang’e-6 Departs for Earth Carrying the First Samples from the Far Side of the Moon

The Chang’e-6 spacecraft from China is traveling to Earth to deliver samples that were gathered on the moon’s far side. Around June 21, the Chang’e-6 service module most likely started its engines in preparation for a trans-Earth injection. The spacecraft is currently in the last Continue Reading

Wet Dress Rehearsal is Finished by Ariane 6

The last significant stage before its maiden flight in July, Europe’s Ariane 6 rocket has finished a fueling test and countdown rehearsal. On June 21, the European Space Agency announced that it and its associates have finished a wet dress rehearsal at the French Guiana Continue Reading

Moon of Saturn Methane Seas are Causing Coastal Erosion on Titan

Titan, Saturn’s largest moon, has craggy beaches that seem to have been sculpted by waves surrounding its lakes and methane seas. A NASA mission scheduled to launch in 2028 may provide a closer look at these features. Other than Earth, Titan is the only body Continue Reading