Frank aka Food Boss’ TikTok video’s take the internet by storm

Owner of Ariana’s South and Ariana’s Grand New Jersey garners a fan base for his lively cooking videos.

The recent two years might not have been very forgiving for the restaurant and catering industry. A chef from New York has found fame broadcasting his culinary skills and signature style to the whole world. His name is Frank, but he is better known as Food Boss. It is also the name of his YouTube Channel and Tik Top profile.

He has over a hundred and fifty thousand followers on Instagram. His Instagram account is filled with videos of him cooking food and many of them even have celebrity friends in them. One recent collaboration was seen on which Frank was visited by QCP and the two cooked at Food Boss’ place. The reason he stands out the most is that Frank prepares unmatchable feasts and that too at his home kitchen.

It might also be the reason why his TikTok account has over a million followers. Videos on the Food Boss Instagram and Tik Tok accounts are not just full of him preparing dishes like all other chefs, but Frank depicts a homely environment. We often get to see his son come at the start of the video and ask his dad what would be there for dinner. This is followed by Food Boss revealing an array of meals no less than a feast.

With his charming cooking skills, the Italian Chef preaches the wonders of home cooking. He is not seen badmouthing any specific fast-food chain but asks his viewers to learn how to prepare high-end Italian dishes at home. Most of the dishes he prepares do not involve any rare and exquisite ingredients. Viewers can easily source those on their own and have a great experience at home.

While Frank tries to make his food as simple as possible, he also knows how to make fancy dishes in his home kitchen. One of his videos shows him creating more than eight different iterations of delicious-looking lobster dishes. Each one of them looked straight out of a gourmet restaurant. It shows that the catering kitchens run by Food Boss are not simply his businesses but are derived from his culinary expertise.

 Oh, and by the way, there is another thing he wants everyone to know. Neither Frank nor any of his kitchens limit themselves to Italian Food. Most of the recipes he shows are belonging to his family. He is often seen telling how his Ma used to make it for him and his family. Frank even shares how he felt when the dish was made at his home. One thing that makes him stand out is his spirit of sharing. He does not wish to keep his recipes to himself and for his family to enjoy. Frank shares his tips and tricks quite enthusiastically and for his viewers to genuinely enjoy.

Food Boss is unlike those celebrity chefs who just limit themselves to mobile phone and laptop screens. He owns and successfully runs two catering venues named Ariana’s South and Ariana’s Grand. Frank’s two entrepreneurial ventures have been his crown jewels for over 25 years. The name is actually after his first daughter Ariana. He runs the two venues with determination and hard work. It has helped him enter the much professional realm of the food catering business. His food is well known for its simple and fresh ingredients while never compromising on delivering an exquisite experience.

Frank’s years of culinary and entrepreneurial expertise have helped him make some very good friends. He knows Guy Fieri and Dana White. The Food Boss often mentions them and even tried his take on the famous Wagyu Burger. He added crispy bacon, a fried egg, golden onions, and many more items to make the recipe his own. In the same video, he is seen using famous condiments that were provided to him by his friends. These were the Truff spicy mayonnaise and hot chili oil from Notos Italian Kitchen. It shows that not only his recipes are well known and high end, but so are his ingredients. Food Boss aims at showing his viewers what to use if they wish to recreate the same restaurant experience they long for.

The success of Food Boss seems to only grow with time. His signature style of making Italian dishes but not limiting himself to just them is something very hard to resist. All the food he makes can also be made very easily at home and this makes him quite relatable and real.


RockstarRican Releases His Highly Anticipated Single titled “Thot”

Upcoming rap artist RockstarRican is the next big thing. The 25 year-old has already grabbed the attention of millions by using his great marketing skills on social media. He’s been in the music industry for just about 2 years

His single “Thot” has been released on all streaming platforms. He’s influenced by artists like Lil Wayne, Lil Baby and Drake. This broad combination of music gives him the creativity that the music industry is missing. RockstarRican is fairly new to creating music but he’s no rookie to the game. He’s ready to show the world he’s more than just a rapper. Be sure to check out his social media links below


Köni -the melodic and highly skilled music artist

Most of us are already aware of Köni, the melodic and highly skilled music artist behind famous titles like Dive In and La Luv. This rising musician has composed and published re-narrations and original mix versions of popular tunes like Zuhume, Donna Carmen, Switzerland, and Rock N Roll. Being an Indian, however, he has not lost touch with his traditional musical roots, with his most popular Spotify release being the Assem Remix of Mera Joota Hia Japaani, published under Lump Records.

Fans and music enthusiasts can connect with Köni on Spotify, Soundcloud, and Instagram. He currently streams most of his remixes and releases on his Spotify account ( and YouTube Channel ( You may follow and connect with him on his Instagram account as well (@konimusik). Similarly, he is available on Soundcloud, where he regularly uploads his recent musical masterpieces for free streaming by his fans. You may connect with him on social media or leave a message about his inspirational music tunes and remixes.

Personally, Köni boasts a medieval eyepatch covering his right eye and a western formal attire: a direct reincarnation of the music he produces. Most musical compositions of Köni are upbeat, stirring, and highly stimulating. In most of his remixes, he turns the original song up a notch by adding background beats, upscale rhythms, and sounds to enhance the music profile. Therefore, even the die-hard fans of the original song find the remake much more interesting, enthralling, and full of passion. 

Don’t forget to check out Koni’s famous works, such as Hava Nagila Matizze Remix, Mera Joota Hia Japan, Turkish March, and Sa Trinxa. You will find music for every mood on his channel. Given his excellence, Köni is all set to rise the ranks in the music industry, producing many more excellent musical pieces in the times to come.


Capicchioni Family’s New Generation

Matteo Capicchioni was brought into the world in San Marino in 1995 and later moved to Bologna to concentrate on business financial aspects and the executives. In this way, he acquired a MBA degree from Bocconi in Milan.

During his examinations Matteo laid down a good foundation for himself as a model, covering covers and becoming tributes in different publicizing efforts, just as Dolce Gabbana and Dsquared2. He moved to the Principality of Monaco in 2018.


Matteo is the grandson of Dante Capicchioni, one of the originators of business venture in the little Rep. Of San Marino and originator of Ceramica Di Faetano (presently Del conca bunch), Aliparquets, Fontevivo, Tecofil, Sis, Kopafol, Glesa and Grand Hotel San Marino.

The dad Franco Capicchioni, designer and knight of the Italian Rep., Is an accomplice of reference and leader of S.I.S. spa and Ali spa (strong gathering) and oversees Glesa: the family holding. Franco’s resources are assessed at 750 million dollars.

Business action

Matteo, emulating his dad’s example, begun his business as a business person by first making a counseling organization, MConsulting, and afterward he dedicated himself predominantly to the S.I.S. organization, getting it a significant reality the universe of global bundling. He is likewise the Vice President of the Glesa and VP of Rimini Crabs ball, the group of his uncle Luciano, a popular games specialist.


Meet KB “The Playmaker” Barrell The Man Who is Responsible For Bringing Street Teamwork Back To The Music Industry

In the age of digital promotion and marketing one very important factor that all major music labels are now coming to understand is that…”Visual street promotion and marketing techniques are part of the promotional future.”

In the late 90’s throughout 2010 Rap music street promotion companies made a huge impact when it came to making the public aware of a new release. Now there are “Pop-Up Shops” and autograph signing sessions, personal appearances, and on many occasions “Pop-Up performances” by new artists. Even placing advertisements on car windshields has exploded nation-wide. One of the top executives in this field of promotion is Mr. KB “The Playmaker” Barrell.

Mr. KB “The Playmaker” Barrell’s company “Customs By Theplaymaker”  is based in the city of Milwaukee and he services several major cities in the Mid-West region including Chicago, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Detroit, St. Louis, Topeka, Cincinnati and many other smaller markets surrounding those central areas.

It seems as if these old-school promotional/marketing efforts instituted by companies such as “Def Jam” and “Loud Records” 20 plus years ago have now taken center stage again within the Rap music culture. KB “The PlayMaker” Barrell has never stopped catering to the streets and is at the top of his game in 2021-2022 with his non-stop street promotional efforts.

The company is currently promoting the following hit artists not only from a street promotional aspect, but they also combine the digital aspects to further the “up-close and personal marketing touch they specialize in: “T-Rell”, “54 Baby Trey”, “The SpeedKnot Mobstaz”, “Looney Babie” , “Glasses Malone”, “Gwapo Chapo”, “Kokane”, “Prince Party”,  “Esc Deez”, “H1 Da Hook”,  “DJ Battlecat”,Lil Saucy  “Compton Yellaboii Tha Duke”, “Shantii” “The MT Twins” “Big Unc” “Dolpha Rasza” “SpeedKnot Mobstaz” “Glocc Sinatra”, “Comedian Bankhead”  and the late “King Von”

Current project “DRILL” 

Looney Babie FT. King Von 

Blackout Entertainment

The playmaker is also developing his own line of dolls called “RAPPER FIGURES” which will have the likeliness of some of your favorite artist, He is also in the final stages of opening Milwaukee’s 1st and only artist development facility called “ THE COMPOUND”  this will be a safe place for up and coming creatives to hone their talents. The facility will be equipped with a full service internet & social media marketing team, Podcast area, Practice stage, Photo & Video area, Full service graphic design and print department, Tour and Merchandising setup along with consultation and Music education courses. 



The Optimistic Musician: New York City’s DJ Beyond Shares All The Change He Wishes To See For DJ’s

When we hear the word DJ, a person who just parties and plays music day and night comes to the minds of the common folk. Damian Perez Jr., better known as DJ Beyond is among the few exceptions who have set goals in their lives and then strived while achieving them. He still feels that some things need to change for the betterment of experienced and fresh DJs.

 “We need to create better exposure opportunities for the newcomer DJs. Not everyone gets the chances I got while growing up. I know many people who had the passion to become DJs but didn’t have many outlets to go to,” says DJ Beyond. His father, a member of Spanish bands, used to take him to the stage at events. This is where he discovered his interest in music. The DJ was born to a family where music was rejoiced and celebrated.

Damian Perez emphasizes the importance of focus and determination for young people entering the game. “Most young fellas these days want to become rich and successful overnight. It is not how things work. When they don’t get rich or famous in the first couple of years or even months, people often jump ship and go to other careers. This is the main thing I dislike. A sense of determination and responsibility goes a very long way. I didn’t build my company or get brand deals by using any shortcuts,” adds Damian Perez.

The DJ also has an entrepreneurial side and runs BeyondRest Entertainment which he started with a close friend right after completing school. He also got to work with brands such as Puma, Diesel, Pepsi, Presidente Beer, and others.

DJ Beyond holds a vision for experienced DJs as well.

“With the widespread of social media, many DJs think that having a lot of followers is the only form of recognition and appreciation. The problem with this is when they see others with millions of followers and lose spirit. Even established DJs run behind this hype culture. Before all this, you had to prove your worth to get recognized. Even then, sometimes you win, sometimes you don’t. It doesn’t mean you lose hope,” says the DJ.

He has come across such events in his life. DJ Beyond is the winner of Best Blend DJ by the Urban Mixx Awards while being nominated for Best Duo & Blend Dj by Justo’s Mixtape Awards.

“DJs must never do anything unethical or unprofessional. It attracts a lot of negative stigma to this profession and makes a bad name for all of us,” he adds in the end.

DJ Beyond has not based his career solely on him being a party starter but also focused on work ethics as well. It seems to be the reason why he also got signed by the label Lo Maximo Productions in 2013.

The DJ has a vision for all those in his field. His plan to accomplish it appears to be leading by example.


A Look Into the Personal Life of NYC’s DJ J Star

With his weekly show in Sirius XM CH. 13, New York City’s DJ J Star has made a name for himself in the nightlife and music scene of his hometown. This was not easy as he had to go through a lot of hard work to complete his Audio Engineering Degree and internships. He joins us for a Q&A session filled with questions about his personal life, how he was brought up, and the present situation.

Are you still together with your childhood friends?

Absolutely yes. I know that fame and success change people and they start hanging out with new people. Most don’t keep in touch with the ones they were friends with while they were struggling and hustling. I am relieved to say that I am still good friends with the guys I grew up with within the Uptown Manhattan and The Bronx areas. They are there when I need them and so am I.

How would have your family felt if you dropped out of college?

Well, I always realized that it was my family’s dream to send me to college and see me graduate. This is why I worked hard and finished the degree. I found out that it helped get me to work at Hot 97 and 103.5 KTU. Deep down in my heart, I know that my family would still love me the same even if I had decided to drop out of college. This was still a risk that I wasn’t willing to take. Later I got a job as a mixer at Power 105.1 and in 2018, I got signed by Pitbull’s station.

Has the corporate lifestyle changed you?

Working with brands like NBA, Nike, JBL, and more has changed many parts of my lifestyle for the better. I enjoy all the perks that you can think of that come along with such deals. Even with this, I haven’t let the urge to party in my hometown die in me. I still perform at almost ten events each week in the tri-state area.  My love for New York City and its people will never die. It has given me so much. I have been the DJ for the New York Knicks and the New York Nets on their events and games.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

It all depends on how much time I can spare for certain activities in the next five years. If I get the time, I will work on releasing my single track. It needs to be done with care and focus, rather than by fooling around. If I continue working on Sirius XM CH13 like I am, my goal for the next five years would be to get my daily show in the night. Nothing can be said for sure as I am always on the lookout for new opportunities and when I find them, I take them as quickly as  I can.

DJ J Star has opened up about his personal life to us and shared a lot of new things. Hope that helps you know him better now!


The Problem With Jon Stewart: Apple TV+ revealed new current affairs series

Apple TV+ on Thursday uncovered The Problem With Jon Stewart, another current issues series that imparts almost no DNA to The Daily Show — you know, beside the host.

Maybe than center around the features of the day, the suitably named program centers around a solitary issue in every scene, with the debut devoted to war — or, all the more explicitly, how the United States government bombs its veterans upon their return from war.

After a few jokes concerning how much he’s matured since he withdrew The Daily Show — “Very few people would be happy looking like an anti-smoking poster,” Stewart deadpanned — the host went through 10 minutes examining consume pits: stores of harmful material burned by the U.S. military, from which dark smoke surges and gets ingested by servicemen and ladies who get back from Iraq and Afghanistan just to foster a horde of afflictions going from sinusitis, to asthma, even to malignant growth.

What followed was a board conversation with affected veterans who shared their crippling stories of endeavoring (and neglecting) to get appropriate treatment in a sufficient measure of time. It was however instructive as it might have been irritating.

A while later, Stewart slice to a meeting with Secretary of Veterans Affairs Denis McDonough, during which they examined the current issue and what could (and proved unable) be done to possibly address it.

Presently for the likely issue with The Problem With Jon Stewart: Six years after Stewart relinquished his high position as the lord of late-night political parody, a few of his previous journalists have gone off and made comparative projects that are doing every one of the things The Problem expects to do, yet better — and with more tight altering, basically deciding by Thursday’s presentation.

With its single-issue design, the actual show is maybe most like HBO’s Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, just with less jokes to assist with carrying levity to a generally thick topic. (Neither a mocking how-to video helping watchers at home how to make their very own consume pits, nor an artificial PBS promotion highlighting grant winning documentarian Ken Burns, were particularly interesting.)

Everything considered, The Problem feels like a work in progress — a promising work, without a doubt, however one that should invest substantially more effort to separate itself from the very shows Stewart motivated his previous Comedy Central associates to make.


Netflix uncovers the number of accounts are really watching its top titles

An uncommon glance at Netflix’s review information

During the current year’s Code gathering, Netflix co-CEO and boss substance official Ted Sarandos shared a critical take of information about a portion of the streaming monster’s top titles — an uncommon move for an organization that generally holds numbers near the chest.

In one slide, shared while Sarandos was talking on the Code stage with Kara Swisher, Netflix shared numbers regarding the number of records saw its best 10 movies and series dependent on the quantity of records that watched somewhere around two minutes of the title during the initial 28 days it was on Netflix.

The main period of Bridgerton drove its top series list with 82 million records having seen the title, trailed by section one of Lupin and The Witcher, with 76 million records having observed each. Extraction drove its top movies list with 99 million records, trailed by Bird Box with 89 million records and Spenser Confidential with 85 million.

A subsequent slide positioned Netflix’s best 10 movies and series dependent on their all out saw hours during their initial 28 days on the help. Bridgerton actually beat its series list with an incredible 625 million hours saw. The fourth portion of Money Heist followed with 619 million, trailed by the third period of Stranger Things with 582 million hours of review. Bird Box drove its rundown for most famous movies dependent on the measurement, with 282 million hours saw. Extraction dove into runner up with 231 million hours saw, while The Irishman took third with 215 million review hours.

“We’re attempting to be more straightforward with the market and ability and everyone,” Sarandos said. “It’s a major black box for everyone.”

The choice to share the figure comes at a vital second for creatives and ability in streaming. Administrations in all cases have customarily offered restricted data regarding how titles perform on their foundation, an issue that is turned into a state of dissatisfaction in a quickly changing diversion space that is seen even profoundly expected titles implied for theaters rather go directly to real time features — or debut as crossover discharges.

However, the numbers additionally show that there are numerous approaches to characterize a “hit.” Netflix’s information was followed by absolute long periods of review and the time allotment watchers spent watching a title during its first month on the assistance. Ability and creation organizations, notwithstanding, may be more keen on the occasions a title was seen beginning to end, or the number of all out individuals — not simply accounts — are watching their shows. Eventually, without a brought together norm among administrations for what those measurements for progress resemble, decorations are still a lot of playing by their own singular principles.


“Jeopardy!” has returned to visitor hosts has after the resignation of Mike Richards

Sony said other visitor hosts will follow Bialik, yet made no notice of a super durable substitution.

“Jeopardy!” has returned to visitor has after the abdication of Mike Richards, and entertainer Mayim Bialik will return as the first up.

Sony Pictures Television reported Monday that Bialik will take the platform since a long time ago involved by the late Alex Trebek for three weeks of scenes.

The 45-year-old “Theory of prehistoric cosmic detonation” and “Bloom” entertainer was one of numerous visitor has who filled in for fourteen day spells in the past season after the demise of Trebek, who facilitated the show for 37 seasons. Trebek kicked the bucket in November at age 80 of malignancy.

At the point when Richards was reported as the new host on Aug. 11, makers additionally uncovered that Bialik would play a continuous part as emcee for “Risk!” ideal time and side project series, including another school title.

Sony’s news discharge Monday said other visitor hosts would follow Bialik and made no notice of a long-lasting substitution.

Richards, the show’s chief maker, had been declared as host only nine days sooner when he ventured down Friday after a report of past disparaging remarks he had made about ladies, vagrants and others on a web recording. Richards choice after a motorcade of big name competitors was met by a chorale of analysis.

The scenes that Richards taped last week will air when the show returns for its 38th season beginning Sept. 13.