Climate Change May Have an Impact On Timing, According to Study

The world’s seas are receiving more water due to Greenland and Antarctica’s accelerating melt, which is redistributing mass. The Earth’s rotation is being very slightly slowed by that. Still, the planet is rotating faster than it formerly did. As a result, timekeepers around the world Continue Reading

The SAT is Now Offered Exclusively Online For College Applicants

US exam takers will use a computer to complete bubble answer sheets instead of a No. 2 pencil. On Saturday, March 9, SAT users in the US will utilize the totally digital version of the exam. Prospective college students must still physically visit the testing Continue Reading

Goofy, Donald, Minnie, and Mickey from Disneyland wish to become members of a union

Employees at Disneyland who portray different Disney characters at the theme park are interested in becoming members of the Actor’s Equity Association, which represents everyone from Broadway performers to Los Angeles strippers. The union wants to represent the 1,700 workers at Disneyland who work in Continue Reading

Italian temple ruins dating back 2,400 years have been discovered, concealing yet another historical mystery

Some long-forgotten ruins sat on the fringe of an old Italian city. Even though the building had been neglected for thousands of years and was no longer a sacred site, it nonetheless held a mystery. The Italian Ministry of Culture said in a news release Continue Reading

Biden and Xi to Convene in California for Talks on Trade and U.S.-China Relations

President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping will hold crucial discussions on trade, Taiwan, and the management of strained U.S.-Chinese relations during their upcoming meeting in California. In a significant diplomatic move, President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping are scheduled to meet Continue Reading

India’s tomato prices surge over 300%, sparking theft and turmoil

India is facing a tomato crisis as prices have skyrocketed more than 300% due to extreme weather conditions. Tomato prices surged 341% year-to-date, from 24.68 rupees per kg to 108.92 rupees per kg as of July 11, data from the Department of Consumer Affairs showed. Flooding Continue Reading

Volcanic ejections follow ‘seismic movement’ in southwest Icelandic valley

The Icelandic Meteorological Office (IMO) reported that volcanic eruptions occurred Monday about 20 miles from the capital city of Reykjavik. The eruptions occurred following a period of seismic activity in the vicinity. Magns Tumi Gumundsson, a geophysics professor at the University of Iceland, stated, “This Continue Reading

21 brand-new cardinals from around the world are named by Pope Francis.

On Sunday, Pope Francis made the announcement that at a consistory that will take place at the end of September in the Vatican, 21 churchgoers from various parts of the world would be formally sworn in as cardinals. 18 of the 21 new cardinals are Continue Reading

Portuguese man o’ war threatening North Carolina coast

(WTVD) — Portuguese warriors are posing a threat to the North Carolina coast in Oak Island, North Carolina. Oak Island authorities posted photographs via virtual entertainment after something like six individuals were stung by the creatures, which are firmly connected with jellyfish. According to Oak Continue Reading

Before traveling to Mina, Hajj pilgrims perform their final rituals in Mecca.

In preparation for the Hajj, one of the world’s largest religious gatherings and the fifth pillar of Islam, pilgrims streamed into Mecca’s Grand Mosque on Saturday to perform their final rituals before traveling to Mina. Their fervent recitations echoed through the white marble courtyards of Continue Reading