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Xiaomi announces Redmi Note 9T for UK, bringing premium innovation and 5G speeds

Redmi Note 9T brings exceptional performance, multi-day battery life and 5G speed all at an accessible price point.

London, U.K, January 25, 2021 –– Global technology leader Xiaomi today announced that the new Redmi Note 9T will be available to UK customers starting from January 28th 2021. The first-ever 5G smartphone in the Redmi Note series, Redmi Note 9T offers affordability and dual 5G SIM capability. The Redmi Note 9T is designed to deliver the exceptional performance and multi-day battery life that users crave without compromising on photography capabilities and overall design.

Redmi Note 9T

Advanced processor, monumental 5G performance

Powered by MediaTek’s Dimensity 5G-integrated 800U SoC, Redmi Note 9T is up to 100% faster than previous generations[1]. Along with its integrated modem, Redmi Note 9T boasts tremendous power efficiency with its octa-core processor and 7nm process technology.

Featuring 5G-connectivity on two SIM cards simultaneously — a first in the Redmi Note series — Redmi Note 9T is a productivity beast. With 4×4 MIMO technology and antenna diversity, Redmi Note 9T brings faster, more reliable connections — even in congested conditions.

Capture stellar content with Redmi Note 9T’s 48MP camera

Flaunting a 48MP triple rear-camera with a 2MP depth sensor and 2MP macro lens, Redmi Note 9T makes even novice users feel like professional photographers. Its large ½-inch sensor and flagship-level ISP architecture allow for improved image quality and faster processing, while its creativity tools — such as Night, Pro + RAW, HDR and Portrait mode — let users capture the perfect shot, no matter the circumstances.

Brilliant design, durable build

Purposefully designed, Redmi Note 9T was crafted for a premium look and feel with its 6.53” FHD+ DotDisplay front and Unibody 3D curved back. Its textured polycarbonate back offers improved grip and resistance from fingerprints, and its Corning® Gorilla® Glass 5 safeguards against costly damage from accidental falls and drops.

Widevine L1 and TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light certified, Redmi Note 9T was built to handle hours of HD content streaming without the annoying eye strain. With its convenient side fingerprint sensor, Redmi Note 9T can unlock seamlessly.

Redmi Note 9T is available in two captivating colour variants — Nightfall Black and Daybreak Purple — that’ll never go out of style.

Optimum performance with high-capacity battery

Packing a punch with its 5,000mAh (typ) battery and advanced, high-efficiency processor technology, Redmi Note 9T dispels battery anxiety and provides a perfect blend of performance and power efficiency for the 5G era. Redmi Note 9T offers 18W fast charging and comes with an in-box 22.5W charger. Better yet, its high charge cycle battery technology means that users can experience almost three years of daily use without significant battery capacity degradation[2].


The Redmi Note 9T will be available for pre-order from 12:00pm on January 28th 2021 and for the first 48 hours prices will be reduced to just £179 and £229 ; exclusively available through Amazon and

1. Previous generation refers to Redmi Note 8. Tested in Xiaomi Internal Labs, using the latest Antutu version available during respective device launches.

2. Based on internal testing by Xiaomi Internal Labs. Actual lifespan will vary based on usage conditions and patterns.

About Xiaomi Corporation

Xiaomi Corporation was founded in April 2010 and listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on July 9, 2018 (1810.HK). Xiaomi is an internet company with smartphones and smart hardware connected by an Internet of Things (IoT) platform at its core.

With an equal emphasis on innovation and quality, Xiaomi continuously pursues high-quality user experience and operational efficiency. The company relentlessly builds amazing products with honest prices to let everyone in the world enjoy a better life through innovative technology.

Xiaomi is currently the world’s third-largest smartphone brand and has established the world’s leading consumer AIoT (AI+IoT) platform with 289.5 million smart devices connected to its platform, excluding smartphones and laptops. Xiaomi products are present in more than 90 markets around the world. In August 2020, the company made the Fortune Global 500 list for the second time, ranking 422nd, up 46 places compared to the previous year. Xiaomi also ranked 7th among internet companies on the list.

Xiaomi is a constituent of the Hang Seng Index, Hang Seng China Enterprises Index and Hang Seng TECH Index.

For more information about Xiaomi as a company, please visit

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US Congress riots: who is behind the Chinese intruders?

The US Congress riots of U.S. Congress bred an unprecedented absurdity under the global epidemic at the moment. On January 6, 2021, the US Capitol building was violently intruded by supporters of US President Donald Trump. Sixty-five days ago, on election day night, Trump walked up to the podium in the East Room of the White House and declared he had won the election. He even tweeted an hour before his speech: “They’re trying to steal the results of this election.” Trump emphasized the cheating of election. For many of his fanatical supporters, facts don’t matter. The most important thing was to support the political idols unconditionally.

The riots came as scheduled undoubtedly. The rioting group which led by the conspiracy theory faction “Anonymous Q” and the right-wing organization “Proud Boys” broke into the US Congress, among which many Chinese faces were particularly conspicuous.

According to people who are familiar with the matter, these Chinese fans of Trump are large-scale and organized. They first came to Washington by bus and gathered. They beat drums and pulled out banners at the scene, which were written in bold Chinese characters—— “Support Trump.” Then they rushed into the parliament, and some Chinese yelled, “We the people! Great people!” They claimed to have entered Parliament out of justice, and the purpose of the intrusion was to talk directly to members.

In fact, there is a key figure behind the large-scale Chinese among US Congress riots. As is reported that Miles Yu, the chief adviser to the Secretary of state office of policy and regulations on China policy planning, was suspected of wantonly agitating Chinese American groups and pro-democracy activists to take part in the US Congress riots.

Who is Miles Yu? He was a Chinese student who went abroad to study in the United States in the mid-1980s. In 1994, he received a doctorate in history from University of California, Berkeley. Later, he entered the U.S. Naval Academy as a professor of modern Chinese and military history. After US President Trump took office, in 2018, after Trump appointed Mike Pompeo as secretary of state, he was recruited into the core circle of US State Department in formulating China policy. Miles Yu’s accession has had an important impact on Trump’s strong and hard policy towards China.

When Trump failed to his re-election, Miles Yu immediately began to speculate on the political layout. He said: “no matter who becomes the President, the policy towards the China is irreversible.” He has repeatedly blackmailed the new government by making public his position. Miles Yu just wants to emphasize that he knows enough about China and the US policy towards China is inseparable from him. As a matter of fact, it is controversial whether Miles Yu is suitable to stay in this position as the party’s fight. For one thing, as an early Chinese student who came to the United States in the 1980s, he actually missed the golden 30 years of China’s development. It seems that “his understanding China” cannot be reasonable. Second, the severe relations between China and US will bring dangers. Third, if those who neglect the security of the United States are allowed to take up important positions, the future of the United States may be in turmoil.

It seems that it doesn’t work to seize the new government by public speech, Miles Yu tried to help Trump win the re-election through violent and illegal means. According to the data, the research foundation whose member of council was Miles Yu in his early years, was dedicated to funding dissidents from China and Chinese exiles in the United States. This provided Miles Yu with a great number of reactionary resources. In order to stir up the parliamentary riots, Miles Yu found the core figure. He strongly incited Fu Xiqiu, chairman of China Aid Association, Fu Yao, backbone member of the Democratic Party of China, and other leaders of the democratic movement. He promised that if Trump was re-elected, he would vigorously support the “Democratic Movement Activities”.

Washington, is seemed to be calm now after the riots, however, there is an undercurrent. People across the United States and around the world who have witnessed the US Congress riots find it unbelievable; and the public can’t believe that today’s “divided” country can be reconciled. Soon, Biden will swear in in front of the Capitol that suffered from violence. The president of USA is not only facing the turmoil of presidential power transfer, but also in the mire of the COVID-19. It is worth mentioning that the number of deaths in the United States was exceeded 4000 people the first time on the same day as the Capitol riots happened.

Dylan, a 21-year-old American college student, came to the Capitol the day after the riots sitting cross-legged, and observed a moment of silence for the four dead. He told the BBC that during the epidemic, every day was like a Pearl Harbor attack, how could the US move forward under such a circumstances? The Dylan-confusion is haunting in the minds of most Americans. Obviously, after Biden taking power, the political marginalization of the supporters of “Trumpism” will become the top priority, and the Chinese politicians who use the political situation for their own personal gain have also come to the end of the road.

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Heresy, Far-right, Terrorism:The Growing and Distorted Organization Falun Gong and Its Media

In the first week of 2021, the attack on the Capitol has been recorded in the annals of history. This unprecedented riot has struck the American democratic system. After experiencing a year of quarantine and lockdown in 2020, Trump’s supporters incited by racism became more fanatical. Among that, there is a huge organization hiding under the iceberg. Unlike other organizations’ demands for socialization, this one is more eager to seek political rights, participate in political activities, and gain support from political forces. Most importantly, this organization is dominated by foreigners. Falun Gong is a group that preach an upcoming apocalypse and most of its main members are illegal immigrants. However, relying on political speculation and due to its core leader Li Hongzhi’s strategy is more clever than other right-wing organizations, Falun Gong has created its own propaganda tool in the United States, the Epoch Media Group, which owns the Epoch Times, New Tang Dynasty TV and other media. On the one hand, it can become a political force to add weight to its own political speculation, and on the other hand, it can spread its own theory to discredit its opponents. The Falun Gong organization has actually been dormant in the United States for more than ten years. It started from the media and developed step by step to participate in US political activities, interfere in the US election, promote conspiracy theories and incite hatred, and even have the embryonic form of a terrorist organization.

The Facilitator of Conspiracy Theories and Chaos

Falun Gong’s stated goal was to fight against China. Before 2016, one of its media,The Epoch Times, generally stayed out of U.S. politics, unless they dovetailed with Chinese interests. However, Trump opened a way for Falun Gong to intervene in American politics, a way that has been both lucrative and beneficial for its message. Former President Trump has doubled the revenue of The Epoch Times, and his Facebook page has posted the content of The Epoch Times at least six times last year, pushing it to greater prominence in the broader conservative media world. Almost all articles in The Epoch Times praised Trump and denigrated the left such as these Democratic Party: A Broken Kaleidoscope? and Five Reasons Trump’s Celebration of America Was Epic Display of Patriotism. At the same time, its network of news sites and YouTube channels has made it a powerful conduit for the internet’s fringier conspiracy theories, including anti-vaccination propaganda and QAnon, to reach the mainstream. They even claimed that Clinton and former President Barack Obama were plotting to overthrow Trump.

One day after Americans cast their first votes in the election cycle, conspiracy theories, delayed election results and political opportunism intermingled online. The conservative legal group Judicial Watch, which falsely claimed that eight Iowa counties had more voter registrations than their numbers of citizens. Although this false information has been debunked, the Epoch Times is still repeating it. Only a few hours later, the Epoch Times post garnered 175,000 Facebook comments, likes and shares.

The Falun Gong organization is using a well-known technique to sow doubt in people’s minds. The most effective disinformation is that which has a kernel of truth to it, is that which kind of flies under the radar, doesn’t really break any guidelines, but it’s much more misleading than completely outright-false falsehoods.They are undoubtedly

hyper-partisans that have created an environment where conspiracy theories, misinformation and chaos are now running rampant online, further undermining people’s confidence in the democratic process

But this is only the first step for the Falun Gong organization to interfere and tear apart American politics and society. Their goal now is to overthrow the US government.

Hatred is the best bait

On December 14, 2020,the Electoral College has affirmed Biden’s victory, but the Epoch Times, as a fanatical supporter of Trump, has steadfastly claimed that the election was far from settled and insisted in a headline under its masthead: “Election Outcome Unclear Amid Legal Challenges.” Although most media organizations have called the race for Joe Biden, “The Epoch Times will not declare a winner of the 2020 presidential election until all legal challenges are resolved.” The Epoch Times even held rallies in various places, hordes of people waving star stripes and slogans like “Stop the Steal”. Sizable Epoch Times street teams at the “Stop the Steal” rally in Washington, D.C., have handed out copies of the paper. New Tang Dynasty, an affiliated video outlet, has also positioned itself more as an alternative for Trump supporters, livestreaming a number of events alleging the election was stolen.

The United States is full of fear and chaos right now, and the last thing that people need is hatred. However,Falun Gong is fanning the flames of hatred. Falun Gong’s practitioners encouraged American special forces launching a military coup as an ultimate solution to overthrow Biden on Twitter, including the beheading of Biden. New Tang Dynasty Television broadcast the “Civil War” slogan shouted by Trump supporters before the live broadcast of the Trump rally in Georgia, inciting and instigating the public to rescue the country from the Democratic Party, which was indicated as a “demon” and “communist” that stole the election. The Americans who are still facing the crisis of the coronavirus, are just pawns they use to manipulate American politics in the eyes of the Falun Gong organization. The American people accidentally took the bait and became a weapon.

All these promoted by Falun Gong undoubtedly heralded the ensuing riots.

Participant of the terrorist activities that attack the Capitol

The comparison between Trump’s first day and the 1448th day in office on social media showed his complete defeat, but in fact this is also a manifestation of the disaster brought to the United States since the Falun Gong organization began to interfere in American politics for four years. The impact of this disaster on the United States is no less than that of 9/11, and Falun Gong played as an important participant in this terrorist attack.

Under battle flags bearing President Donald Trump’s name, the Capitol’s attackers pinned a bloodied police officer in a doorway, his twisted face and screams captured on video. The sinister nature of the assault has become evident, betraying the crowd as a force determined to occupy the inner sanctums of Congress and run down leaders. The scenes of rage, violence, and agony are so vast that contours of the uprising are increasingly coming into relief. They are not merely protesters, but a group of extreme terrorists, trying to establish a new political order. Ms. Pelosi said “the evidence is that it was a well-planned, organized group with leadership and guidance and direction. And the direction was to go get people.”

More details surface. As the mob broke into the U.S.Capitol,an eye-catching propaganda vehicle parked outside, displaying the slogans of the Falun Gong organization. A couple passed by these signs and saw a resonance:”See, that’s what we don’t want to get to.” Among the crowd, many were raising the flags of Falun Gong.

The mob got explicit marching orders from Mr. Trump. “Fight like hell,” Mr. Trump exhorted his partisans. The Epoch Times still promoted and supported Trump’s remarks.

The host of one channel, Eye Opener, went live on YouTube to lie about the coup attempt, election fraud, and antifa. In fact, Eye Opener is still one of seven newly launched channels connected to the Epoch Times and Falun Gong.

The United States is now deeply trapped in a world where Trump and Falun Gong are closely connected. Falun Gong uses its money, organizational and leadership capabilities beyond what a religious group should have, to support extreme terrorists behind the scenes in order to establish a new American political order through violent means, an America that fits their plans. The United States will usher in the real darkest moment if the end of such a terrorist group preaching an upcoming apocalypse does not come.

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Standard Hashrate Group Welcomes Atlas Mining, BTC.TOP, Easy2Mine, Genesis Mining and Hengjia Group to BTCST

Standard Hashrate Group (“SHG”) is an open platform where prominent miners standardize and tokenize their BTC hashrate. Today, SHG is pleased to announce Atlas Mining, BTC.TOP, Easy2Mine, Genesis Mining and Hengjia as tokenization miners. SHG welcomes these industry-leading companies to tokenize a total of 25 PH/s of Bitcoin hashrate into Bitcoin Standard Hashrate Tokens (“BTCSTs”).

With its successful debut on Binance Launchpool, BTCST has become the benchmark hashrate token with deep market liquidity and price premium. Further contribution of Bitcoin hashrate by Atlas Mining, BTC.TOP, Easy2Mine, Genesis Mining and Hengjia Group will bring to BTCST best-in-class skills in hashrate provisioning and continuity assurance.

“Atlas Mining, BTC.TOP, Easy2Mine, Genesis Mining and Hengjia form a diverse and powerful group to join as BTCST’s new batch of tokenization miners. They share SHG’s vision of bringing exchange-level liquidity to mining power and bridging real-world mining to the DeFi world. Their rich experience and collaborative approaches in industrial scale mining will be greatly complementary to SHG,” said Alex Zhao, CEO of SHG.

“We believe BTCST has connected Bitcoin mining to the DeFi world, ” said Tony Ma, CEO of Atlas Mining. “With BTCST, we can earn real BTC via crypto-native staking.”

“Mining is an asset intensive industry. BTCST has turned mining machines into high liquidity assets as Grayscale does to Bitcoin, injecting incremental value into the mining market,” said Zhuoer Jiang, CEO of BTC.TOP.

“We believe a project like BTCST should focus on decentralization of hashrate sourcing,” said Cathy Yu, CMO of Easy2Mine. “We are glad to support this project as a tokenization miner.”

“BTCST is really exciting,” said Rene Hennen, COO of Genesis Mining, “It is one of the rare inventions which expands the Bitcoin ecosystem with the potential to add a lot of value.”

“As the operator of some of the largest hydropower cryptocurrency mining facilities, we applaud the innovation of the BTCST project,” said Jiwei Zhu, Chairman of Hengjia Group. “We hope to work with the BTCST project to improve its ecosystem.”


BTCST is a token collateralized by real Bitcoin mining power. By staking BTCSTs, holders of the tokens will receive daily Bitcoin distributions that correspond to the mining power staked. With BTCST, you mine Bitcoin the DeFi way.

Official Website:

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ORC, The Dark Horse in OPEN Eco-Layout

Scientific innovations are the driving force for times transformation. Following steam engines, electricity and computer, Blockchain has brought a new revolution to technology and industry of this era.

When it comes to the currently most-talked-about blockchain technology, the decentralized finance (DEFI) deserves a special mention.

As of June 2020, the daily value locked in DEFI has broken the record, now standing at 27.3 billion dollars. It has been nibbling away at the trillion-dollar digital currency market, growing continuously into a giant.

DEFI presents huge market dividends, attracting many industry pioneers to grasp the preemptive opportunities for participation.

OPEN – Bring a wider range of assets to DeFi

OPEN is right among them. OPEN Foundation has started the overall layout of DEFI industry since 2019. After prudent and comprehensive considerations, OPEN chose OnlyChain.

Based on its analysis of OC’s position ratio via its digital asset management company with BTC Grayscale as a benchmark, OPEN has long appreciated OC and set mind to build DEFI ecology on OC system.

Open Finance is a basket of open finance and currency protocol applications developed by OPEN Foundation on OC. Through the protocol matrix with strong composability, it aims to realize a huge financial machine that can run and evolve by itself to replace the current economic operating mode and become a decentralized full-domain world bank.

OPEN is the first team to propose and practice protocol matrix concept in the industry. Its mature and supporting DEFI infrastructure provides one-stop decentralized financial solutions for global users and a unified liquidity space to serve open finance of the future.

Open Swap – Decentralized Exchange

Asset trading and clearing are important parts of traditional economic activities. It is Open Swap that assumes the above responsibilities in the OPEN system.

Open Swap delivers one-stop on-chain trading services for users based on its three core technologies and 20000+ TPS. The transfer speed speaks for itself.  Also, the underlying operating system of OC does make Open Swap extremely competitive in processing large and low-frequency transactions, providing users with smooth on-chain trading experiences.

Open Lend – Hybrid Lending Market

Open Lend benchmarked against the lending and financial derivative issuance in the traditional economic activities can automatically calculate interest rates based on supply-demand change.

This benefits borrowers and lenders, making up for the opportunity cost of holding assets in an open financial network and getting rid of the fixed interests from the traditional financial market.

Open Stable – Asset Protocol Aggregation Platform

Open Stable is the center part of OPEN, allowing users to generate the stable assets OUSD (i.e. stablecoin asset protocol) from the secured assets.

OUSD is encrypted assets softly pegged to US dollars as asset collateral. It provides excess backed assets for users so as to effectively withstand vicious inflation.

And thanks to the technical advantages of OC, Open Stable enjoys high-speed asset transfer and delivery.

Open Link Oracle

OpenLink is the first distributed oracle on OC.

It is a vehicle that captures the value of Open Finance and OnlyChain ecosystem. It has defined and realized a new on-chain price generation and digital value capture plan to fix interoperability issues for the smart contract, which significantly enables it to be applied in finance, insurance, supply chain and many other industries.

Since all full eco-applications in OPEN financial system are built on OC, the above applications are exclusively confined to it. However, there exists a shortage in asset diversity on OC. So, how to achieve OCs interoperability with other blockchains to expand the Open financial ecosystem?

ORC – An ultimate solution to blockchain interoperability.

Open Reactor

Open Reactor – Cross-chain protocol

Open Reactor (ORC) is the first decentralized cross-chain solution on OC system and also the exclusive cross-chain protocol in OPEN system. It serves as a window for financial data and value exchange with external blockchains.

The core mechanism of ORC cross-chain solution is OrcVM, through which users can use BTC and ETH to generate OBTC and OETH on OnlyChain at 1:1 if asset security is guaranteed. Owing to the high-performance blockchain network of OC, users enjoy extremely low handling fees and high transaction speed.

ORC also allows users to transfer digital assets from OC system to other blockchain networks so that on-chain assets can be freely flowed, interacted and aggregated between different blockchains, thus bringing the entire cryptocurrency market back to its root.

The ORC cross-chain solution can be applied to any sub-application in OPEN system. That’s to say, in the years to come, ORC will be the exclusive channel for OPEN sub-protocol to expand its use scope and interact with other public chains. Its importance is beyond any doubt!

The financial sector is a pioneer in exploring the application of blockchain technology, with different institutions having varied blockchain-based layouts and applications. But there also exist some urgent problems of fragmentation.

ORC can realize asset, information and trade interconnectivity and collaboration between different blockchains, which provides broader imagination space for Blockchain’s further application in the financial sector.

ORC Value Analysis 

  1. Provide OPEN with a variety of practical cross-chain assets to make sub-protocol matrix connected.

OBTC and other cross-chain assets acting as a cohesive layer will run throughout the entire open financial ecology to make closer interactions between various sub-protocols, thus achieving a huge and autonomous DEFI ecosystem.

  • Integrate value of BTC and other mainstream digital assets into OC system for OC value expansion.

Relying on the digital token of Open Reactor, ORC will bring the value of Bitcoin and Ethereum into OC network so that asset liquidity of more public chains can be locked into it.

  • Offer an interactive channel between various OPEN applications and other public chains to expand the ecological layout.

ORC allows users to generate OBTC with BTC. These cross-chain assets can be uses as trade varieties, lending products and synthetic asset reserve resources between Open Swap, Open Lend and OpenStable, which immensely diversify assets in OPEN and promote their operation and deployment on the whole ecosystem.

  • Address problems existing in information interaction, asset transfer and business collaboration between the independent public chains and consortium chains of different industries, like banking, securities, insurance and real estate.

The financial sector is a pioneer in exploring the application of blockchain technology, with different institutions having varied blockchain-based layouts and applications. But there also exist some urgent problems of fragmentation.

ORC can realize the asset, information and trade interconnectivity and collaboration between different blockchains, which provides broader imagination space for Blockchain’s further application in the financial sector.

  • Push ahead with the rapid establishment of global financial integration or regional economic integration.

Cross-chain enables value to flow between different blockchains. During this process, users, data and scenarios can be well linked to finally build a larger value ecosystem. If cross-chain technology grows into maturity, blockchain in the future will become infrastructures like today’s highways, water and electricity supplies. This will greatly facilitate the free flow of value and promote global financial integration.


If OPEN is a new self-evolving and self-sustaining decentralized financial empire, ORC cross-chain solution will be its “reform and opening-up policy.”  Only by embracing a bigger external world can we accelerate the rapid and stable development of ecology and build a “sun-never-set empire.”

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GST Payment Public-chain: “Specific Medicine” for Economic Crisis under the Epidemic

The history of mankind is a history of fighting against the epidemic and a history of scientific and technological development. The COVID-19 epidemic had swept the globe in 2020, causing global economic hardship and countless people fought against the epidemic. However, the Blockchain technology greatly played the role of on-chain efficiency (namely its characteristics, such as openness and transparency, promptness and efficiency, and convenient interaction) during the epidemic. The innovation based on Blockchain and digital asset is still comprehensively carried out, and plays a very important role especially in such fields as intelligent digital management of the epidemic, cross-border payment and supply chain financial service.

Now, the Blockchain technology is increasingly being used in the emerging market and one of the primary causes is the availability of liquidity. Furthermore, there is a strict public health target and quarantine guideline now and people can realize necessary contactless experience via digital asset. It can be predicted that this new COVID-19 epidemic has caused many payment service providers to rethink their business and operating models.   

The digital asset is increasingly being recognized to be able to provide the convenience for payment, especially when it is combined with Blockchain technology. Although the epidemic still continues globally, the industry innovators have achieved remarkable growth in terms of extensible Blockchain payment solution. With Blockchain as the carrier, GST builds a new payment public Blockchain ecology, and enhances the payment speed and realizes high reliability, improves data transparency and accomplishes the reduction of long-term operating costs by the technical advantages of the Blockchain (such as distributed storage, openness, transparency and data traceability).

The cross-border payment is a good example. The real-time settlement of cross-border payment is deemed as a business requirement by many people and required by the consumers and enterprises. The GST Blockchain payment solution deeply has solved the problem relating to the cross-border payment and improved the portability and security of currency. GST can carry out payment and settlement in the premise of avoiding various central controls, is born with transnational nature, free from any geographical restriction and anonymous and tamper-proof, and can transfer the fund all over the world within several minutes.

Now, GST is carrying out GSTswap project. GSTswap is a completely decentralized digital currency exchange platform developed based on GST bottom layer. The functions of GSTswap (such as exchange, market-making capital pool and creation of trading pair) are realized by the smart contract. Each transaction is conducted by the wallet account with contract signature verification implemented, thus the record about each transaction can be found on the Blockchain; The market making is free without amount threshold limit. Everyone can participate in it and benefit from it.

Moreover, GST deems that when the financial crisis is incurred by the current epidemic, the DeFi on the Blockchain suddenly rises due to its special properties and functions and will help more people to deal with and even get rid of the crisis influence and become the “specific medicine” for overcoming the crisis, (such as avoiding risk of dollars entering the centralized stablecoins and potential financial needs vigorously promoting the DeFi lending).

There are many folk requirements of avoiding risk from buying dollars with other currencies via specialized channels and converting them into various dollar stablecoins. Because the stablecoin stock continuously increases, lots of idle centralized dollar stablecoins are with huge financial needs. Most of such stablecoins are ERC20 tokens issued via Ethereum (such as USDT and USDC) which is applicable to lending for bearing interest and transaction directly in the current DeFi agreement. As various stablecoin holders realize the liquidity and safety advantages of DEFI’s lending, there will be a large number of centralized stablecoins entering the DeFi lending and financing for bearing interest in the future.

GST also thinks that the DeFi payment and transaction will become the green channels of capital control country. Although the capital control is the requirement of protecting financial stability, it has seriously affected the normal trading and investment needs of enterprises and individuals actually, especially in some countries with relatively backward financial infrastructure, such as Egypt and Vietnam. The capital control will cause the citizens have no access to international financial infrastructure. The country’s financial infrastructure is inadequate, and even the country fails to provide the reliable basic financial services, such as cross-border transfer and transaction of financial assets. The GST DeFi payment is characterized by no border and resistance to review, as a result, the users in the controlled countries can carry out cross-border and domestic payment and transaction, and even invest DeFi synthetic assets to participate in international financial markets.

After each big crisis, some old industrial ecologies will be destroyed and the new formats will appear from the ruins. As the financial infrastructure established on the next-generation Internet, the Blockchain is believed to officially become the mainstream and provide the really inclusive, safe, reliable and reasonable financial services for the whole world after the unprecedented global epidemic+ economic crisis.

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China Post Issues Digital Commemorative Coins for the Year of the Ox

All Chinese, no matter where they are, will celebrate their traditional zodiac years of birth. For example, 2020 was the Year of Rat, and this year is the Year of Ox. In order to celebrate the Year of the Ox, China Post, the most authoritative issuing agency of stamp collection in China, issued digital coins for the year of the ox, the world’s first digital zodiac commemorative coin applying blockchain technology.

All the zodiac commemorative coins were produced with anti-counterfeiting codes, and blockchain technology will be used to record all the circulation information that global collectors can hold pure gold zodiac medals in a digital way.

Although stamp collection is still popular among Chinese people, the aging of stamp collectors is inevitable as paper mails gradually withdraw from circulation. Therefore, this new move of China Post may open a new market for young people, easpecially Chinese overseas during the epidemic.

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2020-2021Annual Blockchain Industry Summit Ceremony ended successfully in Shenzhen

On January 19, the 2020-2021 blockchain Industry Summit ceremony, which was jointly sponsored by ISC, HotChain Media, Golden Finance and coin world, Huaxia Institute of Industrial Economics, Chainup and ETV, and jointly sponsored by Orcoin pool, kinghash and Lotus, ended successfully in Shenzhen.

Beginning of the meeting, Guo Shiquan, vice president and researcher of Huaxia Institute of Industrial Economics, Executive Deputy Secretary General of Beijing private science and Technology Promotion Association and Secretary General of Standardization Committee, delivered a speech on exploration. The application of “blockchain industry” in the field of people’s livelihood actively promotes the application of blockchain technology in pension, precision poverty alleviation, medical health, commodity anti-counterfeiting, food safety, public welfare, social assistance and other fields, so as to provide more intelligent, convenient and high-quality public services for the people.We should promote the combination of the underlying technical services of blockchain and the construction of new smart city, explore the promotion and application in the fields of information infrastructure, intelligent transportation, energy and power, and improve the intelligent and accurate level of urban management.

Jinse Financial CEO Xinxin An delivered the keynote speech of “future development trend of blockchain industry”, focusing on reviewing the 2020 blockchain industry, summarized the development trend of blockchain industry through five themes of “competition and upgrading of public chain”, “more and more prosperity of decentralized ecology”, “diversified transformation of mining industry”, “new pattern of trading market” and “transformation of user form”, and made suggestions. It indicates that the threshold of blockchain industry will be higher and higher, and the industry ecology will be more and more prosperous.

Maggie Lin, president of kinghash , delivered a keynote speech on “the future of mining of filecoin”.She said that the application market of IPFS is huge, and its main network filecoin has been widely respected since it was launched. Although there are many doubts, the prospect of filecoin is still very huge. At the same time, compared with BTC and ETH mining, the analysis shows that the future of filecoin mining is very promising, and no more solutions are provided for filecoin mining.

Tracy Deng, the COO of ISC Asia Pacific region, shared the keynote speech “fusion of insurance industry on the chain” and delivered a keynote speech in the field of insurance and finance of blockchain industry. She said that blockchain + is not only a technological upgrade, but also a comprehensive change in the way of social organization, cooperation and distribution.

The conference entered the signing ceremony. The HotChain Media has served hundreds of blockchain enterprises, provided comprehensive solutions for blockchain, and jointly participated in accelerating the incubation of blockchain industry. It has professional value input in promoting the development of blockchain technology. In order to better integrate industrial resources and serve the blockchain industry, Huaxia Industrial Economics Research Institute and HotChain Media have reached an agreement strategic cooperation, signed a contract on the spot, announced the formal establishment of Huaxia Industrial Economics Research Institutes blockchain Research Promotion Center, officially opened the prelude to the strategic cooperation between Huaxia Industrial Economics Research Institute and HotChain Media, marking a new journey of friendly cooperation between the two sides, and presented the first batch of excellent cooperation certificates to Jinse Finance, ISC insurance chain, Lotus University and Chainup on the spot. As a unit certificate, the four are the first batch of cooperative units to participate in the promotion center, and the future cooperation will also achieve more brilliant results!

Long Fei, chief lecturer of Lotus business school, shared “Lotus promotes the new era of encrypted asset trading”. He said that with the participation of large institutions such as DBS Bank, cryptocurrency began to get the attention of the capital market, the trend of asset financialization on the chain is becoming increasingly significant, and the encrypted asset trading market will enter a new era. Lotus realizes dual core with “contract insurance + consensus community”Ecological integration, providing rich ecological application scenarios and providing users with diversified encryption asset trading services will boost the high-quality development of encryption asset trading industry.

President Chi Junjie, President of ETV Ether University, delivered a keynote speech entitled “hot spot of blockchain, together building ecological myth of mining industry”. The development history of blockchain of ETV ether University elaborated the concepts and applications from cryptography to distributed storage, consensus mechanism, and intelligent contract.

In the round table forum “exploration and Prospect: the development trend of blockchain industry in 2021”, presided over by Pei Qingyang, the business director of coin world, Summer, the business representative of ISC Asia Pacific region, said that DeFi is expected to become a truly open inclusive finance, which will usher in a major technological breakthrough in two years, integrate more closely with the real economy, reshape the value Internet, and the supervision will become more and more important Standardization and legalization.Q Jie, the representative of Lotus China, said that the layout of blockchain business by traditional financial institutions is a new development milestone for the digital money market.Joy Lee, person in charge of Chainup group in Shenzhen, said that the blockchain industry is developing rapidly.

At the round table forum “mining world Wizard: deciphering the new mining track in 2021”, Su minjie, co-founder of reverse entropy technology, asked three senior mining guests questions respectively.DMEX CPO will said that with the benefit sharing and risk control balance of mining industry becoming more and more obvious, the commercialization of computing power and low threshold joint mining are expected to become the mainstream.Fang Yunhao, co-founder of Kaiyuan mining pool, said that institutionalization is not necessarily the future trend of mining industry. Capital is still in the dominant position. Chunge, founder of chain trust capital and early investor of ETV, said that the mining industry is the evergreen tree of the blockchain industry. The mining industry will gradually integrate with the real economy and enable the real economy.

Press Release Announces the Joint Primary Listing & Auction of (MAPS) (, an industry-leading digital asset trading platform built by Wall Street quant trading veterans, has announced the joint primary listing and auction of the token (MAPS). The auction will begin on BitMax on January 26th, at 9:00 a.m. EST, and the listing will go live across BitMax, FTX, and Serum simultaneously on February 1st, at 9:00 a.m. EST. aims to be the ultimate travel companion, offering online and offline maps while alongside decentralized financial services. With a userbase of over 100 million, the platform provides a wallet-oriented ecosystem providing payment services, accommodation booking services, fund transfers, and asset management with a particular emphasis on travel. Additionally, will build its DeFi functionalities on the fast and scalable Solana blockchain and the liquid Serum DEX, positioning the platform well for widespread adoption.

MAPS, the native token of, is anticipated to have a broad spectrum of utility on the platform. Token holders will benefit from personalized rewards, discounts, loyalty programs, and governance initiatives. Furthermore, token holders will also benefit from 100% of the net revenues generated by Businesses will be incentivized to collaborate with the MAPS ecosystem via innovative reward schemas, thus creating a virtuous feedback loop among users, businesses, and the platform’s token economic structure. will conduct public sales through BitMax, FTX, and Serum on January 26th. The last public sale collaboration between BitMax and FTX occurred in December when the two platforms facilitated a joint sale of Bonfida (FIDA) with subsequent price performance in excess of 1,000% within the first 10 mins of listing.

The team brings together veterans from blockchain, corporate governance, and investment banking industries, with core members coming from top-notch companies like Goldman Sachs. The project is backed by industry-leading institutions including Alameda Research, Genesis Capital, and CMS Holdings, and is on track to add a multi-currency wallet with DeFi yield soon.


Launched in August 2018, is a leading digital asset trading platform with a broad range of financial products and services for both retail and institutional clients, with robust and innovative design ranging from cash and margin trading, derivatives trading, staking products, to other investment solutions.

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About aims to be the ultimate travel companion by bringing together online and offline maps with decentralized financial services. The platform hosts a wallet-oriented ecosystem that users can leverage throughout their entire travel experience. Holders of MAPS, the platform’s native utility token, will also benefit from 100% of the net revenues generated by

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Press Release Announced the Primary Listing of Router Protocol (ROUTE) (, an industry-leading digital asset trading platform built by Wall Street quant trading veterans, has announced the listing of Router Protocol (ROUTE) under the trading pair of ROUTE/USDT on Jan 19 at 9:00 a.m. EST.

Router Protocol aims to build an infrastructure layer to aggregate liquidity across multiple chains. As opposed to Moonbeam and EdgeWare, smart contract platforms built on Polkadot, Router Protocol is dedicated to expanding the ecosystem to connect non-Polka blockchains like Matic, Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. Its ROUTE token can be used as gas fees within the ecosystem and rewards for staking their liquidity provider (LP) tokens.

Router Protocol has built an Ethereum Layer 2 AMM on Matic Network that supports gasless transactions. The team is also working on cross-chain frictionless liquidity migration. Soon, the project will be expanded to other layer 1 and layer 2 blockchains. Leveraging Parity Substrate, a blockchain infrastructure that supports EVM, Router Protocol is intended to operate seamlessly on Polkadot or Kusama in the near future.

The Router Protocol team brings together veterans from traditional finance, blockchain, and energy trading industries with core members from top institutions, including Moody, Infosys, and Schlumberger. As a group of crypto enthusiasts since 2014, the team has successfully collaborated on developing the world’s first stablecoin DEX based on 0x Protocol. Router Protocol is on track to launch a multichain farming on Ethereum, Matic, BSC, and Xdai soon.


Launched in August 2018, is a leading digital asset trading platform with a broad range of financial products and services for both retail and institutional clients, with robust and innovative design ranging from cash and margin trading, derivatives trading, staking products, to other investment solutions.

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About Router Protocol

Router Protocol aims to build an infrastructure layer to aggregate liquidity across multiple chains. As opposed to Moonbeam and EdgeWare, smart contract platforms built on Polkadot, Router Protocol is dedicated to expanding the ecosystem to connect non-Polka blockchains. Its ROUTE token can be used as gas fees within the ecosystem and rewards for staking their liquidity provider (LP) tokens.

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