SpaceX includes to past equity round, pushing Elon Musk’s last raise complete to almost $1.2 billion

Elon Musk’s SpaceX included more cash to its latest equity raise, as per a securities filing on Wednesday.
SpaceX held a second close of about $314 million, adding to the $850 million that CNBC detailed the organization brought up in February. The revision brings the round’s new total equity raised to $1.16 billion, which the organization raised at a valuation of about $74 billion.
Solid demand for the organization’s shares centers around its aggressive Starship and Starlink projects.
Starship is the next-generation rocket that Musk’s organization is creating, intended to be more remarkable than even the Saturn V rockets that carried astronauts to the moon.
Starlink is a global satellite network, which SpaceX is starting to use to carry high speed internet to clients.

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