Google’s making its search results somewhat more clear

In case you’re additionally the kind of individual that is attentive about tapping on dubious links in your search results, at that point here’s a touch of good news: Google’s patching up its native search engine to give us more data about the outcomes we see before we take those hazardous clicks.

Nearly all English-language search results will get another widget intended to uncover somewhat about the site it really prompts. The update will turn out on desktop, mobile, and within the Google application for Android for U.S.- based searchers beginning today.

At the point when the update comes your way, you may see another little ellipse in the upper right-hand corner of a given search result. Tapping that will pull up an essential blurb about the actual site that result prompts—sourced from Wikipedia when accessible. The new panel will likewise tell you if your connection to this site is “secure,” implying that it utilizes the HTTPS protocol.

In the event that the site doesn’t end up having its own Wikipedia page, Google says it will take a stab at indicating “additional context” about the site that it has available, for example, when the search giant originally indexed the site. Furthermore, in case you’re one of the many, numerous individuals that feels the advertisements in Google search look altogether too similar as actual search results, you’ll be glad to realize these new blurbs additionally reveal to you whether a given link is an ad or not.

Regardless of whether you’re probably getting this update later today or—in case you’re outside the U.S.— some unknown time in the future, this is a decent suggestion to consistently be careful where you click.

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