Introducing Siteline App: An overview on the features and benefits

This week we got to test “Siteline App®”, a comprehensive and flexible next generation solution for affordable asset tracking. Built on the famous CATS solution from Fulcrum Technologies, the nimble Siteline allows users to track, connect and see anything and everything. It enables the viewing, reporting, and sharing of data with anyone anywhere.

Product overview:

Siteline lets companies of any scale configure, track and manage their stuff easily and quickly. It empowers the mobile workforce of organizations for the field by building their own forms for data collection. Siteline can also be connected via Fulcrum Technologies’ APIs to any financial or third-party system to send and receive data.

Siteline aims to make asset management easier and less costly. Available as a SaaS solution or on premise, Siteline lets companies of any size in any industry can keep track of their stuff with this solution. Siteline is also easy to setup and configure, it gets you up and running in minutes.

Jami Oster, CEO of Fulcrum Technologies, personally greeted us for our trial kick-off, and added a professional quote for us to use: “There are lots of asset tracking systems out there that do something well but miss the boat on so many other things, sacrificing users time and wasting money. We have taken our 22+ years of experience in creating and implementing enterprise asset management software solutions for some of the largest most complex companies in the world and poured that knowledge into Siteline for anyone to track anything, easily,” said Jami Oster, CEO of Fulcrum Technologies.

Our trial proved this to be correct. (Author’s note, Fulcrum did supply advice and limited services as part of our free trial, which helped accelerate our test). Siteline proved to be easy to download and assign users to. We both used the Fulcrum test data to see a previous implementation, AND used our own database pulled from an Excel spreadsheet. Everything went smoothly, and soon we were Fulcrum data-masters, with a slew of cool tools and such to play with from Siteline. We were able to map our data and locations, and ended up with some awesome reporting and management.

This company has 23 years of experience, over 37,000 users, 1.3 million locations, and a whopping 646 MILLION assets tracked. No wonder they have their tools down to a science!

If you are looking for a great Asset Tracking solution, I would recommend Fulcrum Technologies’ Siteline App. If you are looking for a larger/global Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM) solution, they can also do that as well. For more information visit today.

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