Android 15 has Achieved a Significant Milestone

Baby, it’s beta software season. The third beta of Android 15 is now available from Google, bringing the software one step closer to its official release. With this release, the platform approaches platform stability, allowing developers to begin testing their apps with this nearly final version of the APIs. Though it doesn’t seem like much has changed since the last beta was released, there are still some intriguing details to learn.

One big update to the passkey UI is highlighted by Google in a blog post announcing the latest beta. The biometric input screen and the Google Password Manager prompt to use a passkey have been integrated, so utilizing a passkey with biometric authentication now only requires one step as opposed to two.

In the event that you inadvertently tap past the passkey prompt, you can also access new fallback alternatives using the drop-down menus in the text field and keyboard. Practical!

Even as Android 15 gets closer to its final version, it seems like there’s still more to discover. Mishaal Rahman, an expert in Android, found that it might be able to recognize when a biometric model isn’t functioning properly, erase it automatically, and then ask you to re-enroll.

Naturally, you could accomplish this manually now, but this would assist those who are unaware that a biometric redo could enhance performance. Rahman notes that several factors influence a biometric model’s performance, and reenrolling frequently resolves issues that arise from a flawed model.

You may either go ahead and download Android 15 or read up on all of its features. Now that Android 15 is closing in on its third and final destination, that seems like a less dangerous prospect.

However, if you want to feel like you’re living on the edge, you can download the iOS 18 developer beta right now if you have an iPhone. While iOS 18 was only revealed last week, Android is almost ready for primetime. It’s definitely beta season.

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