OpenAI’s GPT-4 Turbo and DALL-E 3 are added to Microsoft’s Copilot

Though the year is almost over, there is still plenty of time for more AI news to be released. The image generator DALL-E 3 and OpenAI’s most recent model, GPT-4 Turbo, are two of the enhancements that Microsoft recently revealed will be integrated with its Copilot AI chatbot. Just in time for the service’s one-year anniversary/birthday, this should significantly increase the functionality overall. Does AI have birthdays, I wonder?

The most advanced large language model from OpenAI comes first. Users of Copilot will be able to take on challenging tasks that would drive previous versions of the software insane with GPT-4 Turbo integration. While GPT-4 Turbo can handle up to 300 pages of text, the previous generation could only handle 50 pages. More insightful answers to inquiries are the ultimate outcome. In the coming weeks, the integration will become more widely available after being tested by a small group of users.

Also, there is integration with the most recent DALL-E 3 Model. More significantly—and with more attention to accuracy—this chatbot produces images of greater quality than it has in the past. To put it another way, the image should, for the most part, correspond to the question. Users of Copilot can currently access this tool.

At a Copilot near you, more features are on the way. The Inline Compose tool now has a rewrite menu where you can choose a text block and the bot will rewrite it for you. There shouldn’t be any issues with this at all in schools (that was sarcasm). In the near future, this tool will be available to all Edge users.

With the release of Code Interpreter, a new feature set, programmers are also receiving love. Microsoft says that users will be able to execute sophisticated tasks like “data analysis, visualization, math,” and of course, garden variety coding, but they are pretty quiet about the specifics at this point. Code Interpreter is in beta right now, and a public release is scheduled for the near future.

At last, GPT-4 will power an upgrade for Bing search. This ought to enable more comprehensive search queries for intricate subjects, yielding optimal outcomes. Microsoft outlined the functionality of this update in a blog post. To put it briefly, it simultaneously looks for several possible answers to the query and automatically stores irrelevant data.

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