Google is testing a dark mode for desktop search

Google is testing a dark mode for desktop search, Google affirmed to The Verge. In the event that the test has turned out to you and your system is set to dark mode, the background of Google’s search pages will be an exceptionally dark gray.

It’s indistinct how generally the test has been turned out. Several Verge staff members had their search pages naturally change to dark mode, and 9to5Google and a few people on Twitter have seen the new dark mode, as well.

It’s likewise hazy if or when dark mode for desktop search may be authoritatively turned out more comprehensively. “We’re always testing new ways to improve our experience for our users, but don’t have anything specific to announce right now,” Google said in a proclamation to The Verge.

This isn’t the first run through a desktop search dark mode has showed up: 9to5Google announced in January that a few people were seeing dark mode at that point.

In case you’re a dark mode fan, it’s been an eventful few days. Changes to Twitter’s dark mode got a few people unprepared a week ago when their dark mode unexpectedly got considerably more obscure. What’s more, Microsoft is currently testing changes to Word to make whole documents dark when you’re utilizing dark mode.

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