Google Prompt 2FA UI on Android receives a much-needed dark theme

In case you’re not utilizing security keys, the Google Prompt is the next best two-factor authentication strategy to ensure accounts. Google is presently updating the Prompt’s Android UI with a much-needed dark theme.

Contrasted with the past iteration, the new Google Prompt focuses the organization logo, “Is it you trying to sign in? title, and email address. While apparently minor, it improves readability by no longer grouping it with Device, Near, and Time Information.

Then, the “No, it’s not me” and “Yes” buttons now utilize appropriate case as opposed to being completely promoted. Alongside a red “X” and green checkmark, this makes for pleasant visual upgrades that likewise adjust to the Material Theme outline style. Obviously, the greatest one is the dark theme that replaces the beforehand stark white nature of this screen.

The Google Prompt dark theme is as yet turning out. For instance, it’s live on personal accounts yet not Workspace addresses. This change was first seen in mid 2019, yet it didn’t generally launch at that point and went through a handful of tweaks since, including moving the buttons higher up on the screen to help reachability.

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