The OnePlus 12 has arrived, boasting an enormous battery and incredible power

Given the recent unveiling of the OnePlus 12, we have probably just witnessed the last flagship phone of the year. However, it’s only available in China right now, so if you want to pick it up somewhere else, you’ll probably have to wait until January.

Though most of it was already disclosed by OnePlus before the big launch event, there is still plenty to talk about, so it should be worth the wait.

One thing to note about the OnePlus 12 is that, aside from the best gaming phones, its 5,400mAh battery makes it a good 400+ mAh bigger than most other smartphones. Fast 100W charging is also possible for that battery, or a still-impressive 50W if you prefer to charge wirelessly.

A quick chipset and lots of RAM

Given that the OnePlus 12 sports a top-tier Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset and up to 24GB of RAM, it should even outperform the aforementioned gaming phones in terms of power. The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and other phones from the previous generation are among the rare phones that still use that chipset, and very few phones have that much RAM.

Up to 1TB of storage is available, and the OnePlus 12 boasts a large 6.82-inch 1440 x 3168 AMOLED screen with a refresh rate of 120Hz and a maximum brightness of 4,500nits, nearly twice as bright as most competitors.

The OnePlus 12 sports three cameras: a 48MP primary camera, a 48MP ultra-wide camera, and a 64MP telephoto sensor with a 3x optical zoom. While the cameras may not thrill as much, they are still more than respectable. In fairness, the OnePlus Open’s camera specifications are the same as those.

Not enough water resistance yet

Additionally, the design of the OnePlus 12 is similar to that of the OnePlus 11, including a sizable circular camera block, but it is more water resistant this year thanks to its IP65 certification.

This indicates that while it can withstand low-pressure water jets, it cannot be submerged safely, which puts it behind the majority of the best phones in that regard.

If you’re interested in purchasing the OnePlus 12, it will be available in green, black, or white, and its starting price is set at CNY¥4,299, which is roughly equivalent to $610, £480, or AU$1,000. This is for the base model, which has 256GB of storage and 12GB of RAM. As previously mentioned, it is currently only accessible in China.

The price of the model with 512GB of storage and 16GB of RAM is ¥4,799, or roughly $680, £540, or AU$1,030.

For ¥5,299 (approximately $750 / £600 / AU$1,140), there is also a model with 16GB RAM and 1TB storage. The most expensive model, with 24GB RAM and 1TB, costs ¥5,799 (approximately $820 / £650 / AU$1,250).

We should find out the international pricing and availability on January 23, as leaks indicate that’s when the OnePlus 12 will launch globally.

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