West Palm Beach Roofing Experts Report Great Q2 Growth

The West Palm Beach Roofing Experts are happy to announce that their Q2 numbers have surpassed Q1 in 2022. There is no denying the severe economic hardship that many businesses and consumers are now facing throughout the country and the globe. While the West Palm Beach roofing company has brought in more business in recent months, much of that is due to a seasonal change and more rain.

Part of why the West Palm Beach Roofing Experts have been doing well during what will be labeled a “recession” in the near future is their customer service. The roofing company offers free estimates and proposals on all roofing jobs, repairs, or replacements and will even provide multiple pricing options so homeowners can compare roofing materials like tile or metal. Many homeowners are upgrading from shingle roofing to metal or tile roofing, as the benefits of added storm protection, increased home value, and curb appeal are too much for many people to pass up.

The downside to 2022 is that it’s not as busy as 2021, whereas last year, there was a mass migration of new homeowners to Florida, prompting many to seek roof replacements to prepare for potential hurricanes. As a result, 2022 has somewhat normalized compared to any typical year, where 2021 seemed to be an outlier. Even though there has been a slowdown year, the West Palm Beach Roofing Experts have not only retained their entire staff but increased it. Many analysts are predicting a bad hurricane season; the company wants to be prepared for the worst.

Lucas, a business development representative from the West Palm Beach Roofing Experts, had this to say, “Things have been ramping up quite a bit lately. While early reports can always be wrong, many analysts say this hurricane season can get ugly. I have talked with a few dozen homeowners the past few months whose number one concern was ensuring the new roof replacement they were getting was secure during a bad hurricane. So many people are switching it up and changing from an asphalt roof to metal or tile with the intention of having the strongest roof possible overhead.”

For homeowners or business owners living in Palm Beach County that need a new roof replacement in West Palm Beach, be sure to contact the West Palm Beach Roofing Experts for a free estimate and proposal today.

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