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Following the latest update, Primetime Pruning and Tree Removals provides safe and timely relocation and disposal of fallen or dead trees on client properties and public spaces. The company’s services are built upon a firm commitment to environmental values with the goal of preserving and optimizing the health of the region’s tree population.

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The announcement details the advantages of using Primetime Pruning’s full-service tree removal solutions. Equipped with state-of-the-art lift technology, the team of arborists extracts and removes problem trees with minimal impact on nearby areas.

With environmental issues high in the public consciousness in light of extreme weather events in the US, climate ecology studies have suggested that preserving and planting millions more trees offers an actionable solution to the crisis. Primetime Pruning and Tree Removals has the highest ratio of arborists to ground workers across the state of Idaho, providing valuable surgery and removal services to thousands of trees in the Meridian and Boise area.

The company puts a great effort into maintaining safety and preserving the property and people when carrying out their work. Using advanced technology such as self-propelled spider lifts, log loaders, wood chippers, and stump grinding machinery, the team strives to leave a minimal footprint on the surrounding environment.

Primetime Pruning can remove trees that are too dense, over-extending, or encroaching on a client’s home. Not only does this make a garden safer but it also serves to increase the value of a property, making it more appealing to potential buyers and more welcoming to house guests.

About Primetime Pruning and Tree Removal

Led by owner Kyle Grayson, the company has been serving the Meridian and Boise communities since 2016. Kyle himself has been in the tree management industry since 2009, leaving his previous job as a tree technician to form Primetime Pruning with a focus on non-chemical approaches to horticultural issues. Learn more at

Kyle says, “We truly understand the importance of customer satisfaction and we believe it’s the only reason why we are still in business today. If you’re passionate about your trees and your landscape give Primetime Pruning a call today, we will treat your trees as if they were our own.”

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