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The company now provides an expanded curriculum of driving courses that satisfy Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) orders requiring a person to attend traffic school for an offense.

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Following the announcement, individuals can now enroll online for court-approved driving courses with Online Traffic Education. Before starting a course, each person needs to check with the court to find out if their citation is eligible.

These self-paced courses can be accessed 24/7 on computers or mobile devices without any special software, and nothing is downloaded or saved to the person’s hard drive.

Since every student’s progress is automatically stored, they can sign in and out as often as needed. Students who do not pass can repeat the exam until they do.

The online school has specialized courses for specific states. For example, some states require a person who received a citation for failure to yield to complete a traffic safety course that is available at Online Traffic Education.

In other states, a person who was cited for a minor traffic offense can complete this company’s basic driver improvement course to avoid getting points on their driving record.

The licensed online traffic school explains that if the citation is one that can be satisfied by an online driving course, a person has a short window of time for enrollment. Once the time period has passed, the ticket will appear on the person’s record, and attending traffic school will not help.

The school reminds people to pay their fine to the court before they can be eligible for traffic school benefits that include removing points from their driving record or avoiding an increase in their insurance because of a citation.

Some insurance providers may offer lower rates to individuals who complete this company’s driving courses.

Once an individual has passed the driving class, Online Traffic Education will report the results directly to their state and court, and an email is sent to the person. The certificate can be downloaded and printed out.

A satisfied student stated, “I highly recommend this online traffic school. While traffic school isn’t fun, they made it entertaining. Once you’re done, they send everything to the court.”

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