Top 10 Hip Hop albums (Colorado)

These are my top 10 Colorado Albums on Spotify & Apple Music you should check out.
10. Exotic Birds by Trayce Chapman
Even though this is an older project Trayce has killed this and it has lasted the test of time. I personally can’t wait to hear and see his next project.
9. Rundown Szn by Kizoku93
This is a high-energy straight from the trap-sounding project. His ability to use metaphors and trap lingo makes this a standout project.
8. Baely by Rachel Bailey
If you like R&B mixed in your Hip Hop Rachel brings it all. From track 1 to the final this is tonally one of the best projects.
7. Deada$$ by A Mazy
Dead ass I love it. Meazy has been an underdog in Colorado for some time now. But with this project he is making a name.
6. Designer Trap by Ray Reed
What else can I say when this first dropped I had this on repeat for like 72 hrs you want bars he brings them with this project.
5. Pressure by Kayla Rae
Not only is she the best female artist in Colorado she also beats out a lot of the male artist as well. Pitched perfect vocals, heartfelt topic and nice beat selection has this project in my top 5.
4. Stargazer by Mostax_music
Now this project right here is different. When I say this is a vibe I mean it. With his unique vocals and island style beats you can’t miss.
3. Nova by Trev Rich
The King of Hip Hop in Colorado. You should of known he would be on this list. Bars and dope flow schemes make this one you Cant miss on this list.
2. Big Homie 2 by TheycallhimAP
Ok the feature on this project makes this number 2. APs storytelling flows will have you in the zone. Probably the most lyrical on this list
1. Jungle 2 by Foevabeatz
From the beats to the catchy hooks this project get my number one spot. Every night while i do my writing im able to put this on and catch my vibe.

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