Belmont Bruins reprimanded from NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament after a 26-win season

Out of all the teams who were avoided with regards to the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament field Sunday, the Belmont Bruins may have the best explanations behind being disturbed.

The Bruins completed the season 26-4 and 18-2 in the Ohio Valley Conference, winning the regular season conference title. The Bruins missed out on an automatic offer in the wake of losing to Morehead State in the conference championship yet figured they would have been a lock to make the competition notwithstanding.

Belmont not only missed out the NCAA’s Men’s Basketball Tournament yet was avoided with regard to the NIT field also. Bruins head coach Casey Alexander communicated his “disappointment” in a statement.

“I’m deeply disappointed our players won’t have an opportunity for postseason play,” Alexander said. “I’m extremely proud of how they’ve conducted themselves and encouraged each other during a very challenging year. Perhaps nothing reflects that more than posting the most wins in the nation with Gonzaga (26).

“To think over the last two years together our group had two conference championships, one tournament championship – not to mention 30 consecutive league wins – but no postseason games is a tough pill to swallow. It is a great reminder you have to handle your own business each day – practice and games – and not rely on anyone to do it for you.”

Belmont may have a real problem however disturbs in the Big East and Pac-12 Conference competitions didn’t help either. Georgetown and Oregon State were likely outwardly glancing in the event that they didn’t get the automatic offered for winning their respective conference titles.

The Bruins were Ohio Valley Conference competition champions last season however the Covid pandemic set the NCAA competition aside briefly. Alexander is 52-11 overall since taking over as head coach last season.

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