Bilaleye moving into the music industry

Bilal Iqbal, a young rap artist from Toronto, Canada, first started rapping the beginning of 2019 and ever since then he’s been working to achieve his dreams of becoming a well-known artist. He released his first single called “never understand” on Feb 13 and Bilal says that he has gained a lot of experience and has learned a lot about making music from when he first started vs now.

Bilal grew up in a family of 6 people and is the oldest out of the 3 brothers he has. He promised his mom he was going to “treat her like a queen” when he succeeds in his career knowing he does not have any sisters and she is the only woman in the family.

A little while after he decided to show off his music to Instagram and put more work into growing his brand on that platform. He posts content such as clips of his unreleased music and also shares his personal life.

Bilal started making music and recording himself in his bedroom originally with a MacBook and a mic, after a while he began to start upgrading his equipment and now has a home studio and continues to work hard. Bilal is now at over 2.3k followers on Instagram and is looking to grow as much as he can.


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