The Deeper Meaning Behind the Brushstroke

Elena Bulatova uses physical gestures of applying paint to radiate energy and vibrant color combinations to stimulate positivity. Behind the guise of joyful, haphazard and naive creation, Bulatova’s abstract paintings emerge from deep meaning and are doused in narrative. Abstraction is profoundly personal for Bulatova, having always been deeply moved by the gestural splashes of the great artists before her. Because she has had the opportunity to visit so many museums worldwide, as an international artist, she grew a deep affinity and appreciation for abstract expressionism. When it came time to paint – it came easily to her, it was a natural flow.

When it comes to abstract art, the experience is individual, it’s personal. Bulatova knows this to be true and believes that the nature of individual reactions and experiences when viewing abstract artworks enriches the experience. Bulatova embraces the idea that viewers have the freedom to explore her artwork and assign their own meaning. Her intention in the Abstracts Collection, amongst her various styles and mediums, is to tell a story of energy through color, form and texture. Her belief is that choosing the right color will affect how you want to relay the message of your paintings to your audience, which is why she uses bright, vivid colors and colors from nature.

In an unconscious burst of creativity a decade ago, Bulatova made some of her first abstract masterpieces on the floor of her garage. Her love of color, movement, and spirit came out in a splash of color onto the canvas. She tested her skills, seeing blank canvases but recognizing what could be. She bought paints secondhand and got to work. Observing other artists, immersing herself in the world of art, and daring to dream of what could be, she embarked on her journey that has now lead to international praise and entrepreneurial recognition.

These artworks do not use recognizable images or iconic symbols, like many of Bulatova’s other contemporary collections, but instead they celebrate life through intention and interpretation of ambiguous form. It takes a great, practiced hand to create a suggestive story with color and shape alone, and Bulatova has mastered it.

Elena Bulatova’s paintings and abstract artworks can be found in private collections and on view around the world. For Bulatova, however, she finds that when people are finding just the right piece of art and have the biggest and happiest smile on their faces, that is the most rewarding. Helping people fulfill their dreams gives this master artist the greatest source of pleasure.

Elena Bulatova Fine Art Las Vegas
3720 South Las Vegas Boulevard

United States

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