African American Stock Market Expert Launches Financial Trading Literacy Program

The latest launch from J.R. Fenwick and FLip That Stock provides accessible financial literacy education for lower-income groups, helping to redress the imbalance in financial market participation across society.

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The announcement details how the Stock Market Students program helps enrollees, from middle school through college-age, grasp the essentials of investing. FLip That Stock has already helped over 30,000 subscribers gain practical knowledge on investing.

According to data from the Survey of Consumer Finance, both the mean and median wealth of black families in the US are less than 15% of white families as of 2020. This widely acknowledged wealth gap is compounded by the lack of educational opportunities for African American families, meaning that millions of black students never pursue a career in the stock market, further entrenching the disparity in earnings across the racial divide.

FLip That Stock provides engaging, and informative teaching designed to give enrollees a clear grasp of the techniques needed for a long and successful career in the financial markets. The new Stock Market Students program includes online video modules, live instruction, quizzes, and homework assignments, offering a varied learning experience for subscribers.

Stock Market Students also has its own app, providing an intuitive platform for learning on the go. The program offers enrollees improved critical thinking skills and proven strategies to improve mathematical and projection skills. The course has proved popular with school superintendents, principals, teachers, administrators, parents, and pupils alike.

About FLip That Stock

Founded by J.R. Fenwick in 2013, the company has carved out a niche with its technology-enabled stock market courses. The Stock Market Students program is a nine-module course, covering everything from opening an account and stock evaluation to investment protection methods.

A spokesperson says, “Our teaching system has been so successful, we were asked to create an educational program for students from middle school through college and thus our ‘Stock Market Students’ education program was born. Our fun online program will teach your students step-by-step.”

With the launch of the latest version of its stock market course, FLip That Stock is empowering new generations of African American investors and leveling the playing field for aspiring investors across the US.

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