Author Your Brand CEO Doug Crowe to Attend the Biggest Liberty Conference

Las Vegas, NV – Author Your Brand CEO and Founder Doug Crowe will join hundreds of Entrepreneurs and business owners in the biggest liberty conference where free minds meet, the FreedomFest 2022. Doug Crowe is a business strategist with over 40 years of experience in business and has launched over 270 best-selling books.

In recent years, FreedomFest has become a must-attend event for any liberty lover. The summit offers attendees the chance to meet and network with some of today’s most renowned figures in politics as well as entertainment from all around the world – including celebrities! This year was no exception; this festival welcomes more or less 200 expert speakers on a wide range of important topics. Fresh perspectives and insights on issues of the economy, finances, politics, liberty rights, society, education, and business are brought to the attendees by star-studded panels. Invigorating debates will be held in inspiring speeches as well as the popular mock trial format which Doug Crowe along with Steve Forbes, Jeff Barnes, Jeffrey Hayzlette and Magatte Wade will judge. Jeff Barnes, CEO of Angel Investors Network, one of the main sponsors of the event said, “This is our third year sponsoring this event at FreedomFest and we are excited to put on an entertaining and educational experience for all attendees.”

Started in 2007, FreedomFest has grown tremendously over time with different events taking place each day of its duration that are sure not only to keep attendees informed but also engaged. This year’s event will be hosted by Fox Business Network’s #1 host, Lisa Kennedy, and will feature John Cleese, Ben Stein, and over 250 more speakers. The event will also stream on FOX Nation.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners who wish to attend can learn more about FreedomFest and register at or by calling 855-850-3733 (FREE), ext. 202. To arrange an interview with FreedomFest co-producers Mark and Jo Ann Skousen, conference director Valerie Durham, or our speakers, please contact Hayley Aragona at

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