Samantha Lee Carbone Releases New Recipe Book

Samantha Lee Carbone Releases New Recipe Book

With more than 101K followers on Instagram, there is a big chance that you have already heard about Samantha Lee Carbone. Especially if you are a mom of someone obsessed or just keeping track of what you eat and prepare. Either way, this gorgeous person who has dedicated her life and career to providing health and food solution to others is releasing a new recipe book called Embracing Health

Samantha Lee Carbone

before we move onto the book itself and what makes it so special and worth buying, here is a little introduction to its writer. For those who do not know who Samantha Lee Carbon is, she is more than just an ordinary woman. She is a health coach, mind, body, and nutrition practitioner who works in the area of lifestyle, health, and food. Being in that area for a long time, seeing how the trends in the food industry change, the willingness of the women to work out and keep healthy diet regimen, has inspired Lee Carbon to take one step further into her career. Putting on her knowledge down on a piece of paper has resulted in well-accepted and popular self-love and recipe book. Her first publication is called “Love yourself from the inside out”. And if you think deeper and harder about it, that is truly the core of the beauty, self-love, and self-acceptance of any persona and any woman, which should also be taken as a starting point into a healthy and prosperous life. This book about self-love is full of healthy recipes that are easy and not time-consuming to prepare. It especially refers to the mothers, just like herself, being a mother to a daughter Siara Fay.

The new publication” Embracing Health” is more than a recipe book. It is a wellness and lifestyle guide that is rich in all different kinds of delicious recipes that are suitable for everyone. As she mentions, all of the recipes are already tried and made by her, tasted so that she knows what she is presenting to the audience. They are created to have the best taste and flavor by using healthy ingredients.
So what is that you can expect to read about in this recipe book?

There is an abundance of breakfast ideas, salads, healthy but delicious snacks, main meals, and healthy water ideas and smoothies. Without revealing too much, pre-order your copy and enjoy a new take on healthy and delicious food.

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