Supermodel Alana Monteiro Lands TJ Maxx Campaign

Supermodel Alana Monteiro has entered the year with new career accomplishments and achievements. The new year has started as a blessing for her. And no better way to show what is going on with few posts on Instagram.

At the beginning of January, on 11th January to be more precise, Monteiro posted a video of her, entering one of the biggest and most popular fashion retailers in America: TJ Maxx. Her caption under the video stated:

“Feeling so blessed to have my new campaign featured in OVER thousands of stores nation and worldwide. Thank you for the love and support. I truly appreciate you all”

Alana Monteiro

This post was accompanied by lots of heart emojis. The next photos in the series of posts show Monteiro standing beside a billboard featuring her photo, with the brand’s motto “Maxx Life. She can also be seen on the 6th Avenue billboard in New York City

The appreciation messages came all over the world, from her fans and friends sending her snaps from the TJ Maxx stores in New York, Florida, Wareham, Dartmouth, Atlanta, Newton, Massachusetts, New Jersey.

TJ Maxx has been known to choose its campaign faces without any particular order, but with the vision of women and people who will best come close to the consumers and the fans and spread and share their message. This is not just another modeling job for Monteiro. As she has said, this is a worldwide level of accomplishment and this is truly making her happy and blessed.

For all those of you who want to see what we are talking about, head to her Instagram page. Also, you can see Monteiro on her billboard at 5th Avenue in New York City. You also can’t miss her as soon as walk into any TJ Maxx store as a blown-up poster of her right at every entrance of every TJ MAXX store across the USA.

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