Dr. Mike Has a Lookalike Called Mitchell Yousem

For those of you who have no idea who Dr. Mike is, here is a quick overview. Mikhail Varshavski, also known as Mike Varshavski or Doctor Mike, is a Russian-born American who has risen to the level of being an Internet celebrity and family medicine doctor. What made him popular and made his Instagram account go viral was the moment when he was featured on Buzzfeed and People magazine’s 2015 issues as The sexiest Doctor Alive.

If you go to his Instagram account, first, you will notice the number of 4.1M followers, which is quite a number. And that comes highly appreciated when you are a board-certified FM physician in New York. Combining the work that he loves to do with being virtually present has not been an obstacle for this handsome doctor. And above all, he loves dogs. There are lots of images of his dogs on his profile, which make him even more likable and popular amongst female fans.

Dr Mike

Sharing a piece of his personal and professional life through the Instagram feed has made Dr. Mike a popular face, both in real life and on the virtual sky. People are recognizing him on the street and stopping him for medical advice, but that is all part of his job.

One other person, that is frequently also being stopped and asked for medical advice, that in fact, he has no knowledge about it, is Mitchell Yousem. You might ask yourself how is this guy now getting tied to Dr. Mike? Well, the answer is pretty simple. Go to his Instagram page mitchyousem and you will instantly be stunned to see the visual physical resemblance that exists between these two guys. So who is Mitchell Yousem?

Mitchel is a financier, investor, and travel lover who is working for Blank Farm Vodka. Although he might not have anything connected to medicine, his physical resemblance to the popular Dr. Mike is slowly bringing him the fame that he never expected to see. Enjoying a positive and healthy lifestyle, Mitchell’s Instagram page is rich in photos that show his social life, travels, his brand Blank Farm Vodka and many more. Although he might not come close to popularity with Dr. Mike, Mitchell has experienced his popularity on than a few occasions with female fans approaching him thinking he is Dr. Mike. As he said: ‘It’s pretty funny- I have been mistaken for Dr Mike at least ten times now just walking around, at the gym or restaurants”.

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