Portuguese man o’ war threatening North Carolina coast

(WTVD) — Portuguese warriors are posing a threat to the North Carolina coast in Oak Island, North Carolina.

Oak Island authorities posted photographs via virtual entertainment after something like six individuals were stung by the creatures, which are firmly connected with jellyfish.

According to Oak Island Water Rescue, the majority of the victims were children.

Beachgoers are being urged by officials to keep an eye out when entering the water.

The Portuguese man of war has long polyps and tentacle strands that can grow up to 100 feet in length and average 30 feet.

Small fish and crustaceans can be paralyzed and killed by their venom.

The sting of the man of war rarely kills people, but it is painful and leaves exposed skin with welts.

Authorities likewise cautioned that they can sting you weeks subsequent to having washed shorewards, so stay away.

According to officials, they have also been observed close to Holden Beach.

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