Italian temple ruins dating back 2,400 years have been discovered, concealing yet another historical mystery

Some long-forgotten ruins sat on the fringe of an old Italian city. Even though the building had been neglected for thousands of years and was no longer a sacred site, it nonetheless held a mystery.

The Italian Ministry of Culture said in a news release on January 13 that during excavations at the Archaeological Park of Paestrum, archaeologists discovered the hallowed ruins.

Paestrum, also known Poseidonia, was founded by Greek colonists in the sixth century B.C., according to Britannica. The historic city prospered, built a number of enormous temples, was conquered by the Romans, and was eventually abandoned in the ninth century A.D.

As per the World History Encyclopedia, the location is now a well-known archeological park that is recognized for its three ancient Greek temples. “amongst the best surviving examples of ancient Greek architecture anywhere.”

According to officials, the recently discovered remnants by archaeologists point to one of the least fortunate temples in the city. The estimated 2,400-year-old temple’s shape, steps, and portions of its column bases are all that are left.

According to officials, archaeologists discovered pieces of an even older temple inside the 2,400-year-old building. dating back to the sixth century B.C. was the elder temple.

Archaeologists claim that the second temple was constructed on the same site using the remnants of the first, 2,500-year-old temple, which was demolished in some way. The material may have been utilized again for rituals, according to research findings.

The two hallowed structures were recognized by archaeologists as Greek temples.

The press statement stated that temple excavations are virtually finished, according to Tiziana D’Angelo, head of the Paestum Archaeological Park. The park intends to allow people to access the recently discovered ruins.

Paestum is situated roughly 160 miles southeast of Rome on the southwest coast.

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