Is Cottage Cheese a Trend That Has Gone Too Far? We Are Saying Yes to This Viral Dip

The internet was taken over by whipped cottage cheese at first. After that, cottage cheese desserts became extremely popular, and edible cookie dough and ice cream highlighted the cheese’s surprising protein content. Another cottage cheese dip is currently popular, but this one is… ambiguous.

Listen, we had high hopes that the cottage cheese craze would take off this summer. However, this most recent fad involving cottage cheese and yellow mustard is getting a little side-eye from me.

Tiffany Elizabeth, a creator of content for TikTok, claimed that eating cottage cheese and mustard in a dip with fruits, vegetables, and chicken sausage helped her lose weight.

All over her record, Elizabeth shares recordings of herself jumping into a cycle of this dish each and every day. Her plate includes heart of palm, dragon fruit, and Japanese white sweet potato, in addition to the usual healthy dippers like cauliflower and carrots. Additionally, chicken sausage links are almost always included. She touts this meal as an essential component of her healthy eating routine in her videos, even claiming that it was the lunch that helped her lose 80 pounds.

The internet is split, of course. Is this the savory cottage cheese trick we’ve been looking for, or is this mustardy dip going too far with the cheesy food trend? Actually, I’m inclining towards the last option.

I don’t mean to make someone’s food taste bad. Go for it if you truly enjoy the flavor and find that it encourages you to consume more vegetables. However, this combination of dips is not the only healthy alternative to ranch or other dips and sauces. In point of fact, the combined sodium content of two teaspoons of yellow mustard and one quarter cup of 2% cottage cheese is approximately 800 milligrams, which is in excess of the recommended limit that we adhere to when developing lunch recipes at EatingWell. And that does not include the sodium in the remainder of the meal. A solitary connection of chicken wiener alone will attach one more 460 milligrams of sodium to the feast.

Sodium is not usually a nutrient you should limit if you want to lose weight. Unless you want to improve a different condition, such as diabetes or heart disease, for which limiting sodium intake is essential, like weight loss.

Elizabeth appears to add anywhere from 14% to 13% of a cup of cottage cheese to her lunch bowl, which provides between 6 and 8 grams of protein—not bad at all! However, Elizabeth’s lunch combo contains more than 15 grams of protein per link thanks to the chicken sausage. Protein’s slow digestion can help you lose weight and make you feel fuller between meals. Learn more about how eating a diet high in protein can help you lose weight.) In addition, when combined with healthy fats, such as guacamole, nuts, or seeds, and fiber, which can be found in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, you get even more satisfying staying power from your meal.

Elizabeth’s weight loss may not have been as much due to the cottage cheese-mustard combination as it is to a combination of this dish’s components, particularly the chicken sausage and fiber-rich produce.

Again, I won’t hold you or your tastebuds responsible if you like this viral cheesy dip. However, keep in mind that if you’re in the mood for creamy ranch or another favorite dip, it’s perfectly acceptable to do so. It’s true that mustard has fewer calories than other dips. However, you shouldn’t reach for it instead of something you’ll truly enjoy because of that. For coating my crunchy vegetables, I will continue to use the Dill Pickle Dip and Homemade Ranch Dressing recipes.

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