Ford made a gaudy version of the F-150 for ‘Rocket League’

At the point when most video game engineers collaborate with automakers to bring real-world into their game, they tend to focus in on vehicles a large portion of us can just try to claim. Not so with Rocket League engineer Psyonix. Fresh from its new cooperation with the NFL, the studio is joining forces with Ford to bring the F-150 into its game. The truck looks probably as conspicuous as you would anticipate. It’s likewise a shape that most Rocket League players don’t care for, yet as the world’s most famous truck, you need to envision a lot of individuals will be into it.

You’ll get the opportunity to get it temporarily between February 20th and February 28th. The Ford F-150 RLE pack will interfere with you 1,500 credits. It incorporates the actual truck, two sets of wheels, boost, audio engine, decal and player banner. Those were made with input from the F-150 design group, as per Ford.

The pack is only the beginning of Ford’s foray into Rocket League and gaming all the more generally. The organization is supporting Psyonix’s forthcoming Winter Majors event, where you’ll see the F-150 tow away harmed vehicles and repair the pitch. The two will likewise host a special two-day Freestyle Invitational where players will get the opportunity to win a real 2021 F-150.

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