In May, Google Will Release an AI photo Eraser for iPhone and Android Devices

Google revealed on Wednesday that all Google Photos users will receive free access to a number of its generative artificial intelligence-powered photo-editing capabilities. The business announced in a blog post that it will broaden access to AI-powered editing features, which were previously exclusive to its Continue Reading

Google Adds Personalized Mouse Buttons and Keyboard Shortcuts to ChromeOS

Hotspot connections on cellular Chromebooks are now possible thanks to a new ChromeOS update (M123) that Google started releasing to its stable channel yesterday. Other additions include the option to configure keyboard shortcuts and mouse buttons. releases and bug fixes for Pixel Watches and Pixel Continue Reading

Google Will Soon Manage Language Translation With Its Circle to Search Tool

As part of an upgrade to several key services, Google just announced that it is adding language translation to its recently released Circle to Search feature. As the name implies, Circle to Search already allows certain Android users to do object-based research by simply drawing Continue Reading

Google Reveals That a Significant Battery-Related Feature of the Pixel 8a Will be Available

While resolving a Pixel function that had suddenly vanished following the March Pixel feature release, Google inadvertently verified the existence of the Pixel 8a. Google included new battery facts, including the battery’s manufacturing date and number of charging cycles, to the battery information section of Continue Reading

Google and Reddit Reached an Agreement for AI Training Data

As part of their recent collaboration, Reddit is providing Google with AI training data. Reddit said in an update on Thursday that it will begin offering Google “more efficient ways to train models.” Google will get access to Reddit’s data API through the partnership, which Continue Reading

A Part of the AI Powered by Google Is Available for Free

Upon revealing the uncooked computer code required to construct a chatbot to the public last year, competing businesses claimed Meta was introducing unclear and potentially hazardous technology. Google is now taking a similar action, suggesting that those who are against sharing A.I. technology are falling Continue Reading

Google’s Most Recent AI Text and Video Processing Tool, Gemini 1.5 Pro, Receives an Upgrade

Google, a division of Alphabet Inc., is releasing an enhanced AI model. Dubbed Gemini 1.5 Pro, this sophisticated model represents a major advancement in the field of generative AI as it is built to handle higher amounts of text and video than its rivals. Gemini Continue Reading

Google Search and Chrome are getting new instruments to assist clients with tracking down limits

Google is coming for Honey and other arrangement finding instruments by presenting new highlights on Search and Chrome to assist clients with tracking down limits. The tech monster reported on Tuesday that it’s adding an assigned page for bargains on Search, while Chrome is getting Continue Reading

Ads are beginning to appear more frequently in Gmail, including in the middle of email lists

Ads are an important part of Google’s business and often the way the company gives away its products. That incorporates Gmail, which is beginning to show more ads for a lot of folks. For many years, Gmail has displayed advertisements. Since introducing ads to mobile Continue Reading

The TOTP codes in the Google Authenticator app now have a cloud backup feature

Google’s Authenticator app for Android and iOS, which has been around for 12 years, received a significant update on Monday that includes an account synchronization feature that enables users to back up their time-based one-time passwords (TOTPs) to the cloud. Google’s Christiaan Brand stated, “This Continue Reading