Glazer family improbable to sell Manchester United

Fans of Manchester United never wanted the Glazers to purchase the team. They did in any case.

Presently, the fans of the team have seized on the Super League fiasco to push for the Glazers to sell. They will not sell.

Via Mark Ogden of, the Glazers (who additionally own the Buccaneers) are “unfazed by the hostility” that arose on Sunday, when fans attacked Old Trafford and stormed the pitch, driving delay of a match against Liverpool.

Ogden reports that the Glazers are “unlikely to sell due to the prestige they place on being owners.” therefore, future protests and interruptions could happen once more.

The more extensive inquiry is whether the dynamic will spread to different teams, different games, as well as different nations. American fans show their disgust with their number one teams either by not going to games or by appearing wearing paper bags or holding signs with snarky trademarks. The nearest any NFL fan base has come in late a very long time to a revolt occurred in 2005, when a “Millen Man March” occurred outside Ford Field to fight the ongoing employment of G.M. Matt Millen.

For American sports teams, the circumstance with Manchester United bears watching. On the off chance that more fights occur — and in the event that they at any point work — a new tool could open up to fans who will be unable to fire the proprietor, yet who could drive him to stop.

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