Google launches the May 2021 security update to Pixel phones

Google has published the May 2021 Security Update Bulletin and has additionally begun carrying out new updates to upheld Pixel gadgets.

The Android Security Bulletin for the month of May 2021, which can be seen here, subtleties different security weaknesses going in seriousness from moderate to basic. One of the most serious vulnerabilities in the Android Framework could empower a nearby pernicious application to bypass client communication necessities to access extra permissions. There are likewise a few issues including the Android Media Framework, Android System, and some closed-source components from sellers like Qualcomm and MediaTek.

As we’ve found previously, a large number of the unveiled vulnerabilities don’t offer extra documentation that clarifies what is influenced and how the patch addresses the issue.

As well as giving data about vulnerabilities in the general Android Security Update Bulletin, Google has additionally disclosed the issues confronting Pixel gadgets. The Pixel Update Bulletin features a handful of moderate issues and seem to influence Android Kernel components, a Qualcomm component identified with the camera, and Qualcomm closed-source components.

The list this month is tiny, and every one of them are listed as moderate. In contrast to a month ago, Google doesn’t feature any prominent fixes, yet we’ll update this post once that data is made accessible. A month ago, Google featured issues identified with camera quality in certain third-party apps, and performance optimizations for specific graphics-intensive apps and games.

Google said the May 2021 security update is carrying out in phases relying upon your carrier and gadget, so you may not see it immediately. The search giant said you ought to get a notification once it’s accessible.


Pixel 3 (XL): RQ2A.210505.002
Pixel 3a (XL): RQ2A.210505.002
Pixel 4 (XL): RQ2A.210505.002
Pixel 4a: RQ2A.210505.002
Pixel 4a (5G): RQ2A.210505.003
Pixel 5: RQ2A.210505.003

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