Android TV 12 review works for ADT-3 can’t be flashed, forestalling engineer access

Path in front of what anybody expected, Google appeared the first review for Android TV 12 a week ago right close by works for cell phones and tablets. Frustratingly, however, a glitch is keeping engineers from blazing Android 12 review expands on ADT-3.

Android TV generally lags route behind cell phones with regards to significant platform releases. For example, the brand new Chromecast with Google TV ships with Android 10, and Android 11 was never really shipped to any retail Android TV gadgets outside of Google’s own engineer gadget. That is the reason it was such an astonishment to see Android 12 made accessible for TVs so rapidly, yet it’s an extraordinary indication of the organization’s commitment to the new Google TV platform.

The issue, however, is that numerous designers at present have no chance to get of getting to Android TV 12 on ADT-3, the solitary gadget that is as of now supported for flashing the update.

Clearly, the latest version of Android 11 accessible to ADT-3 breaks the ability to permit OEM unlocking on the gadget. Hidden in the developer options, the OEM unlock toggle permits clients to unlocked the bootloader of ADT-3 from a computer using adb/fastboot commands. Without that switch flipped on, the fastboot flashing unlock command returns the error FAILED (remote: ‘unlock_ability is 0, can not unlock’) and fails to unlock an ADT-3’s bootloader. The issue has just showed up on the Google Issue Tracker.

In theory, designers with an ADT-3 that is on an older version of Android or that as of now have an unlocked bootloader ought to have the option to install the Android 12 reviews, however we can’t confirm that since, indeed, we can’t unlock the bootloader on our own ADT-3 unit.

Askey, the organization that produces and sells ADT-3 for Google, affirmed the issue in an email, saying that the organization is working with Google on the issue. As of now, the organization’s recommendation for getting Android 12 on ADT-3 is to trust that Google will release the final version. Not ideal, clearly.

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