The Most Adaptable Zoom Lens Ever Created For Full-Frame Cameras Was Just Released By Nikon

The most versatile full-frame lens from Nikon to date, it has an incredible 14.2x optical zoom covering the 28-400mm focal length. When it comes to full-frame lenses and smartphones, that optical zoom range is superior, even when digital zooms like Samsung’s 30-100x Space Zoom are not included.

Although the Z 28-400mm f/4-8 VR isn’t technically one of the best Nikon Z lenses—it’s not even a “S” lens, which is Nikon’s name for their professional lenses—it is unquestionably the most adaptable and might be the only lens you need to bring when traveling.

The 28-400mm’s wide end is comparable to the viewpoint of your phone’s primary camera, making it perfect for daily observations. However, its 14.2x optical zoom goes much farther than any other available zoom, reaching 400mm. That’s quite near for taking pictures of wildlife or obtaining details of places you can’t get very close to.

It’s helpful that the 28-400mm has optical stabilization up to 5 stops, or 5.5 stops when used with a Nikon Z camera that includes Synchro VR, such the Nikon Z6 II, with the latest software, since shooting at 400mm requires a steady hand.

Beyond its zoom range, the 28-400mm lens’s adaptability includes good close-focusing down to 1.2m at the telephoto end and a maximum 0.35x reproduction ratio, which translates into respectable close-up shooting abilities.

A travel lens is useless if it weighs too much. Fortunately, the 28-400mm weighs only 725g, so it should fit well with Nikon’s mirrorless DSLRs, such as the Z5.

In order to keep water and dust out of the camera and lens, rubber seals are also included around the lens barrel and mount. The design is straightforward, consisting of a control ring that can be customized and a zoom ring that has a zoom lock to keep it firmly in place when folded up and carried about.

The Nikon Z 28-400mm will go on sale in April 2024, with a list price of £1,299

A few full-frame lenses offer approximately 10x optical zoom, and some even reach as high as 14x for the APS-C format. However, the Nikon 28-400mm offers even more. These ultra-versatile zoom lenses don’t have the same level of detail as prime lenses, but you can still add some sharpness and minimize noise using the greatest AI image editors available today, which only serves to increase the appeal of the 28-400mm lens. It may be the only Nikon lens you require, provided you are willing to make those sacrifices.

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