One UI 3.1 welcomes wireless support for Samsung DeX on PC to more Galaxy phones

A few weeks prior, it was found that the Galaxy S1 series featured wireless support for DeX on PC. Incidentally, you can cast DeX wirelessly to a compatible PC with the most recent One UI 3.1 update, which means more Galaxy gadgets support the feature.

Reddit client Ahmed_Momen22 posted a screenshot on Reddit uncovering support for the feature in One UI 3.1 on their unlocked Galaxy S20 Ultra.

“Get a powerful desktop experience from your phone,” the image reads. “Cast DeX wirelessly to a compatible TV or PC, or connect your phone with a cable to a monitor, TV, or PC.”

In case you’re new, DeX is Samsung’s desktop-mode software that allows you to transform your Galaxy S or Tab gadget into a portable PC, so you can be more gainful on a bigger screen. It can run on-device (on Tab series gadgets), on an external monitor/TV (either wirelessly utilizing Miracast or set up with a USB-C to HDMI adapter), or as a windowed application on a Windows/macOS PC.

Running the experience under Windows 10/macOS requires downloading Samsung’s DeX for PC software. Beforehand, you could just run DeX for PC with a wired connection between your Galaxy gadget and your PC. Be that as it may, the most recent update in One UI 3.1 apparently supports running DeX for PC wireless, inasmuch as your gadgets are on a similar wireless network.

As we recently clarified, the process of wirelessly beginning DeX on a PC is direct. Simply pull down the notification shade and tap the suitable icon to begin looking for a PC that is on a similar network and has the DeX for PC software installed. From that point forward, basically, interface.

DeX has consistently been an extraordinary method to broadening the abilities of your Galaxy gadget. Taking the experience wireless makes it considerably more consistent. On the off chance that you haven’t yet given the feature a possibility, presently may, at last, be an ideal opportunity to do it.

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