Xbox controller sync trick is ideal for Xbox Game Pass superuser

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X showed up in November, and commentators and shoppers the same have been occupied with dragging the new console through its paces. One feature that wasn’t promoted concerns the Series X’s new controller, which has the hidden (and helpful) ability to rapidly switch between two gadgets.

The tip comes courtesy of Microsoft worker Timo Wolf, who dropped the information in a tweet Monday morning. As Wolf takes note of, it’s a feature that could be tremendously useful for Xbox Game Pass subscribers who play games across mobile, Windows PC, and Xbox.

The new Xbox Wireless Controller has a sync button on the front, much the same as the former one. You can in any case utilize it to match another controller with a current support by holding it down for a long press. Same goes on the off chance that you’d prefer to combine the controller with a Windows 10 PC or an Android gadget. You can likewise utilize a more limited press of the sync button to rapidly switch the controller back to the last previously connected device.

In the event that the written description is somewhat difficult to get your head around, there’s additionally a handy video showing the feature. Wolf shows how the new controller can review the last gadget that it was joined to. Simply hold down the sync button, sit tight for the light on the controller to blink twice, and afterward double-tap the sync button to change to that past gadget.

The feature just works with the Xbox’s proprietary wireless connection and Bluetooth gadgets. You will not have the option to exploit it on the off chance that you use the Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows 10. iOS gadgets are likewise prohibited — at least for the present.

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