The Witcher series uncovers the names of the episodes of its season 2, which could give us a few hints about the story


WitcherCon left us a decent deal of data about The Witcher universe. During the event, Netflix uncovered the titles of seven of the eight episodes that will have the second season. The name of the most recent chapter has not been uncovered for obvious reasons: to keep away from spoilers. However no subtleties of the plot have been uncovered, the titles could offer hints with regards to the direction of Geralt and Ciri.

Every episode of The Witcher opens with its title and a symbol, as we have seen all through the first season. These symbols served as representation of the significant topic of that section. So fans would know what that symbol implies when they see it during the series later on. All things considered, season two titles and symbols were disclosed during WitcherCon … however just 7/8 titles were uncovered:

A Grain of Truth
Kaer Morhen
What Is Lost
Redanian Intelligence
Turn Your Back
Dear Friend
Voleth Meir

We can theorize on a portion of the titles, taking into account what we definitely think about the second period of The Witcher. The season will proceed with the relationship of Geralt and Ciri. The magician should figure out how to live with a terrified young lady, he should ensure her and encourage her to secure herself. Together they will go to Kaer Morhen and meet Geralt’s coach, Vesemir.. This could be (generally) the plot of the subsequent season.

Absolutely not every one of the episodes are pretty much as clear as the second (Kaer Morhen), indeed the rest are more uncertain and could take various ways. The penultimate scene of the period references a key person that The Witcher innovative group had recently reported. The title of the last scene stays a mystery. In spite of knowing the names of the episodes, we actually know nothing new without a doubt about the subsequent season.

What we can be sure of is that The second period of The Witcher will debut on December 17. What’s more, first we will have the enlivened series of Vesemir and we could have the cutting edge variant of the computer game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which will have free DLCs identified with the Netflix series.

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