The City of Winter Park will launch the “Meet Your Departments” video series

The City of Winter Park will launch a new video series this month called “Meet Your Departments” as part of an effort to expand familiarity with the different city services every department gives including the city advisory boards they serve.

Every month will feature an alternate city department:

July – Parks & Recreation
August – Finance
September – Building & Permitting Services
October – Fire-Rescue
November – Planning & Transportation
December – Administration
January 2022 – Police
February – Information Technology
March – Water & Wastewater Utilities
April – Electric Utility
May – Public Works
June – Communications & Public Engagement

During their month, departments will introduce their videos to the City Commission. The videos will likewise be posted on the department pages of and shared on the city’s social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo and YouTube. Furthermore, individuals from the departments will be at different public places to interact and give data about their departments and the services they give.

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