The First K-drama to Reach the Top of Amazon Prime Video’s Worldwide Charts is “Marry My Husband.”

The victorious reception of ‘Marry My Husband’ has further cemented Studio Dragon’s standing as a dominant force in the K-drama sphere, following the global success of ‘The Glory’ last year. The drama, which concluded on February 20 KST and left a lasting impression on the world of television, broadcast on tvN and TVING domestically and streamed on Amazon Prime Video internationally.

‘Marry My Husband’ broke down barriers by being the first K-drama to achieve #1 globally in the daily TV program rankings on Amazon Prime Video since the platform’s launch in 2016. Its continued popularity was demonstrated in January when it jumped to the second-highest spot, breaking records in both the daily and monthly rankings. During its two-month run, the drama’s captivating plot of reincarnation and revenge drew viewers from all over the world, causing them to become engrossed in the “Marry My Husband” frenzy.

The popularity of the program was international, drawing viewers from both Asia and Western nations. “Marry My Husband” created history by taking the top spot in daily rankings in 67 countries throughout its broadcast span, including Japan, Australia, and Taiwan. It also achieved first place in the US, Canada, England, and other European countries. It further cemented its global appeal by securing rankings in the Amazon Prime Video TOP 10 in multiple American and European nations.

Experts credit the drama’s captivating story of atonement and retribution for its appeal on a worldwide scale. ‘Marry My Husband’ was praised by prominent magazines like Forbes and NME as a shining example of the revival of Korean dramas with themes of second chances and different realities.

The lead actress, Park Min Young, thanked the global audience for their unwavering support and promised to keep giving strong performances in upcoming roles. As a thank you for their hard work and dedication, the production crew and cast of the play are organizing a well-earned reward holiday to Vietnam in early March to celebrate its success.

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