AI Assistant from Adobe that can Search and Summarize PDFs is Launched

In its Reader and Acrobat apps, Adobe introduced an AI assistant on Tuesday that can create summaries and respond to inquiries on PDFs and other documents.

According to a press release, the AI assistant, which is presently in beta, is now accessible on Acrobat, “with features coming to Reader over the coming days and weeks.” Following the tool’s release from beta, Adobe intends to provide a subscription plan.

According to the company, the AI assistant will create concise summaries of lengthy PDF documents to assist customers in understanding the information contained inside. Through the use of a “conversational interface,” the assistant can also provide answers to queries users may have on the content of a document and recommend queries they might have.

According to the press announcement from Adobe, the AI assistant can also provide citations for customers to utilize in order to confirm the source of the tool’s responses. It can also write content for a variety of forms, including emails, reports, and presentations.

Similar to ChatGPT, other AI models provide PDF readers to speed up analysis of long documents, however those services require users to provide a PDF. The AI assistant from Adobe comes pre-installed.

Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen stated that the new tool embodies the company’s objective to “democratize access” to the billions of PDFs in use during a Tuesday appearance on CNBC’s “Squawk on the Street.”

“Just imagine you’ve opened a 100-page document. You want to understand the summary, you want to have a conversation with it, you want to ask questions,”  Narayen stated. “You want to correlate that with other documents that you might have as well as the entire information that you have in your enterprise.”

The company OpenAI, which created ChatGPT, unveiled a new tool this week that uses text prompts to produce lifelike, high-definition videos. In response to a query over whether OpenAI’s Sora model encroaches on Adobe’s territory, Narayen stated that the business is “working on our video models as well” and plans to use the technology “in a responsible way” for “tools and workflows.”

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