Google Reveals That a Significant Battery-Related Feature of the Pixel 8a Will be Available

While resolving a Pixel function that had suddenly vanished following the March Pixel feature release, Google inadvertently verified the existence of the Pixel 8a.

Google included new battery facts, including the battery’s manufacturing date and number of charging cycles, to the battery information section of the Android 14 QPR 1 update. The purpose of these details was to assist users in estimating the condition of their phone’s battery. Nevertheless, with the most recent March update, the data was arbitrarily deleted from Pixels.

Google claims that this behavior is deliberate and that the now-missing battery data were never intended to appear on current devices, responding to the issue through its issue tracker.

In doing so, the business reaffirmed that all Pixel 8a and later devices are expected to display the updated battery statistic data.

This indicates that the Pixel 8a and all upcoming Pixel phones will support the cycle count and battery manufacture information. If the capability extends to other newer Google phones, such as the Pixel 8 and Pixel 7 series, is still unknown.

It’s possible that Google unintentionally gave away a lot about the Pixel 8a smartphone. In response to a bug report that a user had filed on its issue tracker, Google verified the existence of the Pixel 8a and disclosed a feature that will be exclusive to that phone and future models.

Google says that the updated battery statistics were never intended for the Pixel variants that are now on the market. Rather, they were created specifically for the Pixel 8a and upcoming Pixel phones. The precise reaction

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