Adobe is Using AI to Make It Simpler to Develop Social Media Content on Mobile Devices

Adobe recently announced that it is releasing the most recent version of the Adobe Express app in beta, making it simpler for users to produce and share social media content on mobile devices. With the use of generative AI capabilities, users can now swiftly generate Continue Reading

Google and Reddit Reached an Agreement for AI Training Data

As part of their recent collaboration, Reddit is providing Google with AI training data. Reddit said in an update on Thursday that it will begin offering Google “more efficient ways to train models.” Google will get access to Reddit’s data API through the partnership, which Continue Reading

A Part of the AI Powered by Google Is Available for Free

Upon revealing the uncooked computer code required to construct a chatbot to the public last year, competing businesses claimed Meta was introducing unclear and potentially hazardous technology. Google is now taking a similar action, suggesting that those who are against sharing A.I. technology are falling Continue Reading

Google’s Most Recent AI Text and Video Processing Tool, Gemini 1.5 Pro, Receives an Upgrade

Google, a division of Alphabet Inc., is releasing an enhanced AI model. Dubbed Gemini 1.5 Pro, this sophisticated model represents a major advancement in the field of generative AI as it is built to handle higher amounts of text and video than its rivals. Gemini Continue Reading

There is a catch with AI’s ability to write bedtime stories for children

Even though AI can’t replace you at work just yet, as a parent it can assist you in telling your children engaging bedtime stories. A feature of ChatGPT’s Plus and Enterprise subscriptions called GPTs enables users to design personalized AI chatbots with specific goals in Continue Reading

Google wants to utilize AI to diagnose your skin condition

Google wants to answer that for you with the assistance of artificial intelligence. The search giant’s new dermatology feature, revealed for the current week, utilizes machine learning to distinguish 288 different skin ailments ranging from acne to melanoma dependent on user-submitted photos. “In a matter Continue Reading