Google Will Soon Manage Language Translation With Its Circle to Search Tool

As part of an upgrade to several key services, Google just announced that it is adding language translation to its recently released Circle to Search feature. As the name implies, Circle to Search already allows certain Android users to do object-based research by simply drawing a circle around it.

There will be no need for a drawn circle in the soon-to-be language translation component. According to Google, all users need to do is search for the translate icon by long pressing the home button or navigation bar. The remainder will be handled by it. The tech was demonstrated by the company to translate a whole menu with a single, extended press. This change means users won’t have to switch between apps merely to check on something, as Google Translate can already accomplish this in a slightly different method.

In the “coming weeks,” the translation tool will be made available, but only on Android smartphones that can use Circle to Search. Google adds that more phones and tablets, including some foldables, will be added to this list this week. As of right now, it only includes Pixel 7 and Pixel 8 devices as well as the Samsung Galaxy S24 series.

An emphasis on AI is being placed on the update of Google Maps. Artificial intelligence summarizes special features and “what people love” about a business when you pull up a location on Maps, such as a restaurant. Additionally, the AI will recognize the name of a dish from images, along with its price and vegan or vegetarian status. This should make booking trips and reservations easier, the company thinks.

On the non-AI front, a feature called updated listings is being added to Maps in a few US and Canadian cities. This will compile lists of must-see locations compiled by local publishers and community members. You will have the ability to alter these lists in any way you choose.

Google’s algorithm-generated lists, such as a weekly trending list that identifies the “latest hot spots” and something called Gems that documents hidden gems, will be included to these. Later this month, all of these Maps upgrades will be available for iOS and Android smartphones.

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