Google Adds Personalized Mouse Buttons and Keyboard Shortcuts to ChromeOS

Hotspot connections on cellular Chromebooks are now possible thanks to a new ChromeOS update (M123) that Google started releasing to its stable channel yesterday. Other additions include the option to configure keyboard shortcuts and mouse buttons. releases and bug fixes for Pixel Watches and Pixel phones model 5A and higher were also included in the company’s April releases.

You will be able to assign certain actions to specific key combinations using the keyboard shortcut feature, just as you would in other operating systems. Google cites the examples of making shortcuts more one-handed-friendly or more like the ones you’re accustomed to from, say, macOS.

Similarly, you can customize the mouse buttons in ChromeOS with this update if your mouse contains buttons other than the left and right clicks and you would like to make that strange side button silent.

Along with adding per-app language settings for Android apps running on ChromeOS, the business claims to have improved the naturalness of its offline text-to-speech voices. These upgrades will be released over the following few days, in line with Google’s usual procedure.

Google’s take on Taptic Time, the Apple Watch accessibility feature that “chimes” vibrates to tell the time has been added to the Pixel Watch. Additionally, according to the business, it is now simpler to distinguish between variations when a wearer adjusts the auto-brightness setting on their watch.

Lastly, problems with the camera not resetting its exposure when users tap on the screen and camera stability while switching between zooms are fixed in the Pixel April update. The business says to have also resolved a biometrics fault that caused consumers to unlock their Pixels to see a black screen.

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