SUPERMODEL Kian Barazandeh Desires To Encourage Millennials To Pursue Their Ambitions And Realise Their Full Potential In Life

There is nothing more to life than the sum of the tales you hear, the experiences you have, and the people you meet along the way. The decisions we make will shape the course of our lives, and the majority of the time, people go with what feels right to them emotionally. Kian Barazandeh, a serial entrepreneur who has achieved a great deal of success, made the decision to spend his time imparting his knowledge, experience, and wisdom to those who were close to him. Because of his commitment to energising, educating, and inspiring others to pursue their goals and ambitions, he is now recognised as a prominent lifestyle influencer.

Kian barazandeh was one of the fortunate few who became aware of his responsibility to society at a relatively early age. He makes it a point to always lead by serving as a model for others to follow, with the goal of convincing others that achieving one’s goals is within reach of anyone. Kian went on to explain, “I wanted to help people realise their dreams, as I believe that each and every one of us has the potential to be successful.” As the years went by, I noticed that I was increasingly surrounded by people who were looking for my advice. Before I knew it, I had become a role model, an influential figure, and somebody who they could trust.

Kian took advantage of social media platforms such as Instagram in order to communicate with a larger number of people. He takes pleasure in relating personal anecdotes from his life to his audience. Kian takes pleasure in living his life according to his own rules, be it the speedy cars he drives, the sumptuous food he eats, the exotic places he visits, or the intuitive clothes he wears. Kian elaborated by saying, “There is a lot more to life, other than being successful financially.” That’s where you’ll find true happiness tucked away all by itself. If I can help other people pursue happiness and fulfilment by sharing my life and the experiences I’ve had, then that will be a true achievement for me. He is of the opinion that assisting others in living lives of significance is the single most satisfying thing that one can do.

Kian takes pleasure in making productive use of his free time when he is not concentrating on the expansion of his multinational businesses. He has high hopes that other business owners and people in influential positions will look to him as a model and be motivated to give something back to society. Kian is a passionate animal advocate and has contributed to a number of organisations and causes that promote animal rights and work to end cruelty to animals. He is of the firm belief that each of us, no matter how insignificant our contribution may seem, ought to do what we can to make the world a better place.

Kian began his career as a talented bodybuilder, fashion model, and fitness model, and he worked in a number of different countries and continents.
After some time, he came to realise that the import-export business as well as the real estate industry held tremendous potential. The majority of his time is spent travelling between Dubai, Turkey, and Iran in an effort to continually expand his commercial empire.

After attaining a significant level of success as a multi-tasking entrepreneur, Kian shifted his attention to the dissemination of information and the encouragement of others. Because of his deep-seated desire to be of service to others, he gradually evolved into the role of a guide and mentor who sees beyond the limitations imposed by society to assist others in living life according to their own standards. Kian rose to prominence as a lifestyle influencer by virtue of his ability to connect with others and assist in the implementation of changes that resulted in observable improvements in the quality of their lives.