Author Hanna Shanar Offers Insight On His New Book and The Current Generation

Our team had the pleasure of having a short conversation with medical student and author, Hanna Shanar. He provided us with some insight on his new book, which is set to release mid-July 2021. The young scientist offers perspective on important components of human existence, such as evolution, the existence of God, religion, morality, and asks some of the most important questions on Earth like “What is the meaning of life?” The short book is packed dense with information, interactive questions, and is a true eye-opener for those who dare to question their existence. Hanna also mentioned that he feels there aren’t enough people thinking about the big questions that truly matter.

In our short interview, Hanna says, “My generation, and those generations after me, are too concerned with how to be rich and famous, and less concerned with knowledge and truth.

Unfortunately, most young minds have a distorted perception of goodness, and think that happiness is found in jewelry, money, fame, or pleasure. These hedonistic attitudes are glorified, and it is becoming dangerous.” As a result, Hanna hopes to use his social media presence to inspire the youth through the spread of knowledge, positivity and truth. If you’d like to keep up with Hanna and his journey, follow him on instagram at the handle @hannashanar

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