Step by step guides to turn on Google Maps dark mode

All you require is Android 11, and Google Maps will be simpler on the eyes and less hungry for battery power. In addition, you’ll cause less to notice your phone’s backdrop illumination when you’re out strolling around evening time.

Android has offered a for the most part system-wise dark theme for a while, however this fundamentally influences the UI of Android itself as opposed to specific applications. With this Maps update, you would now be able to make the actual guide a night-friendly mix of blues and blacks. While we sit tight for Android 12 to ideally do likewise for other applications, here’s your guide on the most proficient method to utilize dark mode in Google Maps.

How to turn on Google Maps dark mode

The least demanding approach to enable dark mode in Google Apps is to go through the pop-up prompt that shows up after your phone has installed the essential Android 11 update. This just showed up for us in the wake of opening and shutting Maps a few times, yet once it shows up you can turn on dark mode without jumping into the settings.

1. Tap your circular profile picture in the search bar, close to the top-right corner. This will open a short menu. Tap on Settings.

2. In the Settings menu, tap on Theme.

3. You’ll be given three alternatives. Tap Always in dark theme to enable it; you can generally return and select Always in light theme to return.

Return to the main map view and you’ll see it’s presently in the battery-saving, retina-relieving dark theme.

You’ll additionally see the third alternative, Same as device theme. This sets Google Maps to utilize a similar topic, light or dark, that you’ve selected for Android itself. Here’s the means by which to change the last mentioned:

1. Open Android’s main settings by dragging down on the home screen to open the quick settings menu, at that point tap the gear-tooth symbol.

2. Tap on Display.

3. Select the Dark theme switch to empower or handicap it. In the event that you picked the Same as gadget theme option in Google Maps, it will presently coordinate the theme you’re utilizing for Android itself.

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